Batman: The Telltale Series “The Enemy Within” Episode 2 “The Pact” Review

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Batman: Telltale Series “The Enemy Within” Episode 2 “The Pact” introduces iconic Batman villains as Bruce tries to figure out what they’re planning.

‘The Pact’ picks up right where ‘The Enigma‘ ended. Amanda Waller knows Batman’s identity and it is up to the player if they want to side with her or not. Gotham is facing a huge threat and you’ll have to use both Batman and Bruce to deal with it.

There are a lot of action sequences in this episode. I greatly enjoyed the fight between Batman and Bane even though the Caped Crusader didn’t come out unharmed.

One of the best things about this series from Telltale Games is how the writers have tweaked the Batman lore to offer something new. While Bane and Victor Fries are similar to their comic book counterparts, it’s Harley Quinn and the Joker (John Doe) that the writers are having fun with.

While Harley has been able to break away from the Joker in the comic books, her journey hasn’t been an easy one. In ‘The Pact,’ it is John Doe who’s obsessed with a very independent yet psychopathic Harley Quinn. In a sense, it’s Harley who’ll transform John into the Joker of this game series. It’s awesome stuff!

Coming to Bruce, working with Amanda, he decides to join the villains to know about their plans. Though Bruce isn’t able to fully turn into a bad guy, the game still allows players the choice to be a bit morally gray if they want.

I had fun playing ‘The Pact,’ even though the introduction of three major villains in a single episode felt rushed to me. Telltale should’ve made this a six-episode season instead of five. Anyway, ‘The Pact’ set things up very nicely for the next episode. Catwoman is back and I can’t wait to see how Selina and Bruce will work together to take down some powerful villains.

Have you played ‘The Pact’ yet? What are your thoughts about Batman: Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within’? Let us know.

Note: I was provided a review copy from Telltale Games. The opinions are my own.

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