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  • Geekiary’s #WeNeedMoreDiverseBooks Wattpad Recommendations

    Jamie Sugah’s Recs Division of the Marked By: marchmccarron Summary: Every year, 50 children are marked. They join a superhuman society of scholars and martial artists. But this year, only 49 are found. As time passes, more and more children disappear.  Yarrow and Bray meet upon their marking and feel uniquely connected. However, a decade […]

  • LBGTQ+ Characters in Comic Books: Marvel Part II

    I am back with another installment of queer characters present in Marvel and DC comic books. I’m going to continue showcasing the queer characters in the Marvel comic book universe belonging to Earth-616, and after that I will move on to the characters belonging to DC. The X-Men franchise has introduced a lot of LBGTQ+ […]

  • LBGTQ+ Characters in Comic Books: Marvel Part I

    While TV shows have a long way to go when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation, comic books have indeed given people around the world some impressive characters that fall on various places of the rainbow. If you want to read or get to know more about the comics that feature such characters, then you have […]

  • HRH Princess Mia is Back in Two New Books!

    Most of you have probably heard of Mia Thermopolis, even if it’s just from the (awesome) Disney movie starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. For those of you that don’t know: Princess Mia’s story first began in the pages of a book penned by popular author Meg Cabot. Five years ago, after 16 books, Cabot […]

  • His Dark Materials 1×04 & 1×05 Review: “Armour” & “The Lost Boy”

    There could not be two episodes more opposite in tone than “Armour” and “The Lost Boy”. Nonetheless, these are two very important episodes for the story, introducing both core characters and important plot points. Both of these episodes have amazing moments, but at the same time, certain aspects fall drastically short. -*Read our before commenting.* […]

  • Summer of Manga 2019 Review: Atlas Article

    Summer of Manga kicked off this past summer with Atlas Article, where a man named Marciano Pavel can travel to worlds in his library’s collection of books and artifacts. -*Read our before commenting.* Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.