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  • Steven Universe Speculative Fan Fusion List

    This is my master list of speculative fan art. If you see something named or sourced incorrectly, please let me know at Likewise if you would rather I take your fan art off this list, I will be happy to do so. Fusions are alphabetized. This way, to find them, simply use format “[Gem] + […]

  • We Are Fandom: An Interview with Orlando Jones at SDCC

    Walking through the halls of the San Diego Convention Center, Orlando Jones photobombed pretty much every picture being taken as he walked past. This is unsurprising from the consummate fangirl and actor. “I just had to!” he said after jumping in on a Mad Max family cosplay and having the youngest girl pretend to chop his head […]

  • Ellen Page: Loving Ourselves and Loving Others

    Valentine’s Day is a day to acknowledge all the love in our lives, but one aspect of love that is often overlooked is self love.  Ellen Page in her speech at the Time to Thrive Conference on Valentine’s Day for the Human Rights Campaign talked about working in an industry that demands a perfection that […]