Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×14 Review: The Path That Boruto Can See

Boruto anime The Path That Boruto Can See

“The Path That Boruto Can See” concluded the Ghost Incident arc, even though I was expecting more from the Boruto anime series.

I was interested in seeing how the Ghost Incident arc would end. But “The Path That Boruto Can See” wrapped things up in an unsatisfying manner. I get that the writers wanted to show how much Boruto cared for his classmates; it’s just something we’ve seen numerous times in Naruto. Whenever Naruto is faced with a conflict, he is able to talk (known as talk-no-jutsu in the fandom) and sway the heart of the misunderstood villain. Boruto did exactly that in this episode. He talked Sumire out of her ways and made her come to the good side.

Even Mitsuki ended up agreeing with Boruto even though his mission was to capture Sumire, dead or alive. For me, Mitsuki should challenge Boruto’s beliefs instead of agreeing with everything he says.

Considering this is the anime’s first arc, I’m okay with giving Boruto’s talk-no-jutsu a pass for now. But the writers need to make the young hero face proper consequences. He needs to learn, like his father, that not everything can be solved by a heartfelt talk.

Also, the writers need to stop giving the grownups handicaps so the next generation can shine. While it was exciting to see Naruto’s POV in Sage Mode, the fact that he couldn’t do anything because the Nue’s from another dimension didn’t sit right with me.

“The Path That Boruto Can See” had enjoyable fight sequences. I liked how Boruto was quick on his feet to take down the Nue, with some help from Mitsuki. The fight between Mitsuki and Sumire was also awesome. The animation was great throughout the episode and that helped make everything feel more dynamic.

Some thoughts and questions:

  • I wonder if we’ll get to see Sumire in the manga or if she’ll appear in the anime again. The writers can’t just ignore that she’s still connected to the Nue through a modified Gozu Tennou.
  • This anime needs to explain Boruto’s eye powers, which seem to be all over the place right now.
  • Why aren’t we getting more Salad Uchiha?
  • I wonder what will happen to Denki, Iwabe, and the rest of kids because they haven’t been mentioned in the manga once.

What did you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations this week? Did you enjoy “The Path That Boruto Can See”? Let us know.

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