Penny Dreadful Finally Reveals the Identity of an Old Villain After Vanessa

Vanessa Ives

After years of waiting, more as far as the show’s canon timeline is concerned, Penny Dreadful finally revealed the true identity of the Prince of Darkness who has his eyes set on Vanessa Ives.

With season 3 putting the spotlight back on vampires I was expecting Vanessa to finally meet Count Dracula, however I had no idea it was going to happen so soon. Their inevitable meeting had always felt to me as something that would occur in the finale. But the writers had other plans.

This post contains spoilers regarding this week’s episode of Penny Dreadful. You have been warned!

The surprise reveal was done in episode two of the show’s third season. It occurred during the final seconds of ‘Predators Far and Near’ and I have to be honest that it took me by surprise. Being Penny Dreadful it’s obvious the writers don’t introduce characters without giving them a purpose. I should’ve been ready.

We got to know Dr. Alexander Sweet (Christian Camargo) in the premiere of season 3 and he clearly shared a spark with Vanessa. Now, I thought he was asking for a world of trouble interacting with Vanessa considering her track record with the dark part of the supernatural. I was expecting their relationship to progress until Dr. Sweet and Vanessa would be forced to part ways because of the dangerous world she belongs to.

What I wasn’t expecting was Dr. Sweet being the Prince of Darkness himself. Well played, Penny Dreadful, well played! It was my fault to think Vanessa even had a slight chance at happiness. Crazy thought, right?

Vanessa currently has no idea that Dr. Sweet is Count Dracula. With Renfield sharing her personal information with the Count, things are going to get much worse for our lead female character. Dracula has impeccable timing considering the fact her weird family is nowhere near her. Victor needs to stop crying for Lily and go help Vanessa!

I do have questions regarding Count Dracula though. How long has he been a Zoologist and delivering lectures? Was there once a real Dr. Sweet and Dracula took over his life?

What did you think about the reveal of the villain who has been after Vanessa for years? Let us know!

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