Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Runs Past Initial Kickstarter Goal

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Not only is Resident Evil 2 one of the best titles in the R.E franchise, it’s also one of the best horror-survival games ever made. Now, fans can relive the events in Raccoon City by playing Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, which has shot past the initial Kickstarter goal.

Created by Steamforged Games, who also made the Dark Souls board game, fans can expect a September 2018 shipping date for the upcoming release. The Capcom-based Resident Evil 2 board game had an initial goal of £150,000. However, it has gone on to double that amount, and you can expect it to go even higher as supporters try to reach all of the stretch goals.

All backers of the Resident Evil 2 board game will receive the base game, an expansion set, a Leon S. Kennedy minifig in an alternate costume as well as every subsequent stretch goal reward. So, the more people are able to fund this game, the more goodies each backer will receive.

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There are also additional expansions that backers can opt for if they pay the extra price. These expansions include a Retro Pack, extra mutations of Dr. William Birkin, and even the giant alligator from the game.

Here’s the official pitch!

Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game combines intense resource management and an innovative Tension Deck mechanic to create an enthralling experience for veterans and new players alike. With world-class miniatures that are faithful to the original in every detail, this game will capture the essence of the classic genre-defining Resident Evil™ 2 video game.

To survive the nightmare, players must explore dangerous and foreboding places for clues, equipment, and weapons that are critical to staying alive. Unusual sounds or barely glimpsed movement could hint at disaster. The Tension Deck forces players to carefully consider traveling through each area—and whether they can afford to avoid it altogether.

This board game is said to offer fans a 20-hour experience. It includes minifigs of Leon, Claire, Ada, and others from the Resident Evil 2 video game. The base game focuses on telling the story of Raccoon City.

Make sure to check out the gameplay video!

While it looks like it’ll be game over if any of the players die, as with most board games, you can make your own rules if you want.

Now, if Capcom hurries up with the Resident Evil 2 remake, 2018 can become an awesome year for all R.E fans.

Are you excited for the Resident Evil 2 board game? Are you a backer? Let us know!


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