Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×52 Review: Sasuke’s Shadow

shadow sasuke boruto anime episode 52 review

‘Sasuke’s Shadow’ served as a way to let the new Team 7 know a bit more about Kaguya and what she was preparing her White Zetsu army for. We also got to see a bit of groundwork being laid for Boruto’s admiration of Salad’s father.

With the anime adaptation of Boruto: Naruto the Movie about to begin, I liked how ‘Sasuke’s Shadow’ linked Team 7 to Kaguya and served as a refresher for the audience about how she was preparing an army to fight a mysterious threat.

This week’s episode served as a wake up call to the new Team 7. Even though White Zetsus were more or less fodder during the Great Ninja War, the mutated being Boruto and his team ended up facing was much more powerful. I previously talked about wanting Team 7 to work as a team in the current manga arc. At least the anime gave me that in ‘Sasuke’s Shadow.’ It was fun to see everyone follow Konohamaru’s strategy to take down the mutated White Zetsu. And even though Boruto did decide to act on his own and get in trouble, I’ll give it a pass because his actions will link to his character growth once the Chunin Exams begin.

Talking about Boruto’s admiration for Salad’s father, there was a lot of fanboying over Sasuke in this week’s episode. I’m not annoyed, though. Sasuke is a cool character and the new generation being in awe of him is understandable. Boruto wants to follow Sasuke’s path (for now). So, it made sense for the anime to start sowing the seed which will soon bloom into Boruto wanting Sasuke to be his teacher.

Also, I can’t end my review without mentioning Mitsuki. The way he yelled at White Zetsu to let the creature know he won’t allow Boruto to be taken by it served as nourishment for my headcanon about Mitsuki being in love with Boruto!

What did you think of ‘Sasuke’s Shadow’? Do you enjoy watching Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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