Show Us Your Sweet (In Too Deep Recap Week 3)


The Steven Universe train keeps rolling in, with week number three of In Too Deep bringing us “Barn Mates”, as Peridot and Lapis Lazuli learn to get along in their new home.

Here’s what’s on the fandom’s collective hive mind:

  • Discussion in general has been a lot sparser this week. Perhaps part of that is just because of the nature of this episode, which is less lore heavy than the previous three. However, no doubt the fandom has been impacted by the early French release of the episodes last Saturday.
  • Neither of this episode’s storyboarders have been particularly pleased with the CN France situation. Florido called it “lame leak biz” and stood by her position of calling them ‘leaks’ despite being ablueberrypien official Cartoon Network release, as she feels the information was released before it was meant to. Zuke said she understood fans’ excitement to see the episodes early, but urged everyone to be careful with their spoilers and tag them in advance.
  • The Crewniverse’s Foodiverse is back, this time with a “smaller than average blueberry lake.” (Also, featuring a donut floaty ring). Delicious.
  • This was Ian Jones-Quartey’s last episode as co-executive producer of Steven Universe. We’d like to thank him for all his hard work making the show what it is today, and wish him the best of luck with Lakewood Plaza Turbo!
  • What’s possibly the only thing greater than Lappiness? Watching Lapis switch between Bitter Intense Water Witch to Bubbly Summer Fun Buddy in 1.5 seconds whenever Steven talks to her.
  • “H2Oh my gosh!”
  • With the many shared blushes between them, the Lapidot ship is rapidly gaining popularity.
  • EYE RUBY! Dun dun dunnnnnnn. (Alternative name: Rubeye).

Next week the Gems will be stepping up to the plate with “Hit The Diamond”, boarded by Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu. Check it out at 7pm EST, Thursday June 2nd.

Looking for more? Here’s our episode review of “Barn Mates”!

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