StickyKeys’ List of 7 Queer Audio Drama Podcasts + Bonus Interview

7 Queer Audio Drama Podcasts
Queer Audio Drama Podcasts| Source

7 years ago, the internet rejoiced as fandom friendly (self-proclaimed) geeks found a place to be themselves. The Geekiary launched giving a new perspective on fandom culture, gaming, and fantasy/sci-fi entertainment.

Throughout the years, the face of geekery has developed and expanded. A new avenue that has recently taken off are podcasts. I work a regular 9 – 5 that involves a lot of reports and data entry. I LIVE for podcasts! Anything to keep my mind engaged while performing repetitive tasks. I enjoy comedic ones mostly and some interview style ones, but I adore audio drama podcasts.

Framed like the radio dramas of the past, audio drama podcasts often include slick narratives, rich soundscapes and engaging characters. They also presented a unique opportunity for creators to produce diverse content. While we’re still working on getting more racial diversity into the mix, several podcasts have gone above and beyond in providing sexually diverse characters and storylines. Today I’m going to discuss 7 that I really suggest you check out!

Stay tuned at the end for a special podcast interview with Kevin Christopher Snipes, the creator of The Two Princes podcast!

queer audio drama podcasts

Caravan:  “No one who gets in, ever gets out” and “No one makes it alone” are the two rules made to be tested by protagonist Samir – a Desi bisexual who finds himself trapped at the bottom of Wound Canyon. A product of the Whisperforge (creator of list maker Ars Paradoxica and The Far Meridian), Caravan has a full list of queer diverse characters that span a range of ethnicities, abilities, and points of view. An all-inclusive podcast that isn’t afraid to earn its explicit rating.

queer audio drama podcasts
Ars Paradoxica|

Ars Paradoxica:  Sally Grissom is a fancy pants scientist who accidentally invents time travel. She’s transported from year 20[REDACTED] to the ‘40s. This show is full of technical jargon and time theory and performances that rock me to my core to this day. Kristen DiMercurio, who is queer herself, plays Sally so fully that even when she’s driving you crazy (and she often does!) you can’t help but love her. Sally identifies as asexual, and there are lesbians and bisexual and gay men in the cast as well. Some period typical homophobia, but it’s dealt with in a very refreshing way. As a completely unasked for side note, I am developing a Sterek based on the minisode where Rose from The Bright Sessions (another list maker) visits Dr. Robert Partridge. Derek is Partridge and Stiles is Rose and that’s how much I love this friggin’ queer audio drama podcast!

Gay FutureGay Future is a hot mess in the best possible way. With breakout performances by Christina Friel as Clay Aiken (y’all) and Ayo Edebiri as Chad (my everything) this podcast envisions a future where everyone is gay and being straight is like, a super big deal, you guys. So funny and charming and the creators are a blast to hear during the between ep Q&As. Definitely check it out!

queer audio drama podcasts
Gay Future|

The Bright Sessions:  Dr. Bright is a therapist that provides treatment to those with certain… abilities. Through this treatment she helps the her patients unburden themselves to have more control over the use of their abilities. Queer characters include Adam Hayes and Caleb Michaels, who will pull at your heart strings (the first kiss, *chef’s kiss*), and Rose, as well as Chloe, who portrays a panromantic asexual.

Fruit:  Developed by Issa Rae, Fruit gives a frank account of an athlete trying to juggle the politics of sports with the truth of his heart. It’s one of the few queer audio drama podcasts that deal with the issues of black men and homophobia both from and against them. X has to decide what’s most important to him as he tries to have a relationship and a thriving public career. Season 2 is available on YouTube.

queer audio drama podcasts
Limetown | Source

Limetown:  Okay, so Limetown as a podcast doesn’t have a lot of queer content, I admit. The reason I included it on this list is because of the screen adaptation produced by Jessica Biel. Her version of Limetown’s main character – Lia – is definitely a particular point of view, and one that she’s decided to make queer. On the television show, she has a girlfriend and she clearly identities as a queer character. I really applaud the decision, and I’m glad the source material naturally made room for it. Limetown season 2 does have more queer content and characters, so feel free to check that out here.

Two Princes:  When Kevin Christopher Snipes became an uncle, he wanted to make sure his nephew was exposed to books and media that represented the people he loved. So he created a fairy tale book about two princes who – in the process of saving their respective kingdoms – learn the power of joining forces. The goal was to showcase love and inclusion, and soon Kevin had the opportunity to create a podcast about Rupert and Samir. The all-star cast features Noah Galvin, Samira Wiley, and Christine Baranski. Season one is available on your favorite podcatcher and season two exclusively on Spotify.  The show was such a hit that HBO and Spotify are currently in talks to turn the podcast into an animated special.

Below is a special interview I did with Kevin.


(This was recorded before the animation deal so we don’t talk about that, but I can’t wait to hear more news and wish him nothing but the best!)

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