The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 9 “Mission Imp Hospital 2- Unfinished Business”

mission imp hospital 2

“Mission Imp Hospital 2- Unfinished Business” begins with a short rest, but short rests in D&D always turn into a group therapy session. Always. Once Argo starts asking about everyone’s relationships with their parents, things absolutely devolve, but only in the best way. It’s my favorite part of D&D.

The boys spend a few minutes of “Mission Imp Hospital 2” making up more and more ridiculous stories about their parents — Griffin hesitantly saying he remembers Sir Fitzroy’s mom always carrying a big purse with hot mint gum in it had me in stitches — before getting back down to business. They started out trying to clear this hospital of its imp problem, and they’re going to finish it.

mission imp hospital 2 chain devil
Chain Devil

After bribing one of the imps with some fish jerky and earning the nickname Jerky Boy, Sir Fitzroy finds out that the imps were summoned from their plane of existence to “distract three idiots.” Why? We’re not sure yet, but the boys find out in the last room of the hospital when they stumble across a chain devil.

The best part of the episode is when Clint, again, doesn’t quite know how one of his spells works and tries to do something that doesn’t work — but Travis, as is his Gygax-given right as a DM, decides it’s cool and to go with it. This means that Argo basically crushes an imp under a giant orb of water, which is amazing.

Once again, Clint’s refusal to learn the rules of 5e is an absolute inspiration.

“Mission Imp Hospital 2” also gives us our first death saving throws. This always puts me at the edge of my seat, whether it’s me barely surviving that cursed sword my DM gave me or whether it’s a man I’ve never met trying to keep his rogue alive during a hospital crawl.

Argo hits 0 HP and drops to the floor. The other boys react to it in character (after telling Clint how death saves work). Sir Fitzroy drops out of rage and nearly dies himself in his hurry to stabilize Argo, and the firbolg manages to kill the demon with one final blow.

Suspiciously, the chain devil takes the time to say he’s definitely dying and they don’t have to worry about his plans anymore before finally dying. I know this is sort of a semester break, easy-to-run adventure to give the boys and us a little break before diving deeper into Graduation in the next episode, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the chain devil pops up again later.

There’s also a surprise update on Leon at the very end of “Mission Imp Hospital 2”! Buckminster has fallen under an enchantment that shows he’s been charmed into telling Sir Fitzroy that Leon is “away traveling for a while.”

Suspicious. Very suspicious.

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