The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep 5 “What’s Yours is Mined”

what's yours is mined

The boys are back! After a few weeks off to celebrate the holidays with their families, they finally released the newest Graduation episode, “What’s Yours is Mined.” Following up on the last episode’s ridiculous plan to subpoena a monster, the field trip continues into the mine and encounters the firbolg’s worst nightmare: a riddle.

As always, Justin’s roleplaying is impeccable. He tries to input a blank answer to the riddle, and when that (obviously) doesn’t work, the firbolg gives up immediately. “This is impossible,” he grumbles, and it’s easy to imagine him packing up his stuff to go home. “We must return to school.”

Despite the giggles of the other players, Clint is able to figure out the riddle first. I don’t know if this is because he’s the best at riddles or because his character has the highest intelligence score and the others were just waiting for him, but I was proud of him either way.

I, personally, love riddles, and I’d been trying to solve it along with the boys, but Clint still got it before me because he remembered the game’s accountancy theme. Good for him.

After they get through the riddle and figure out where to go to find the Georgia O’Keeffe monster, they really do serve it with a subpoena, but not before bribing him with a magical snack — the thing he was looking for before when he was raging. Even though the students had picked up these magical rocks for themselves, as the episode title says: what’s yours is mined! We love a good pun.

“Are you the Xorn that destroyed this cave and brought its mining operation to a screeching halt?” Sir Fitzroy asks as it sounds like Griffin is stifling his laughter. “Legally, you kinda gotta say it.”

The moral of the story? If you’re grumpy, make sure you’ve eaten lately, and sometimes monsters can be bribed to leave an area without you fighting it.

Just when I was about to type that this episode was entertaining but didn’t have anything particularly special about it, Travis busts out with an NPC quietly admitting to Sir Fitzroy that he thinks the school isn’t quite what it appears. Leon thinks everyone is hiding something and is on edge — something is wrong.

Plot-important information? Seconds before the credits? It’s more likely than you think.

Overall this episode was a good time, but there wasn’t very much relevant to the overarching campaign plot. Obviously, that can be hard to work into each and every episode, but so far Travis has done a good job of keeping me invested.

Even if Leon hadn’t popped out of the woodwork to make me even more suspicious about the people in charge of the Heroes Guild, I’d be sticking around to see what else he has planned.

What do you think about “What’s Yours is Mined” (you can listen to it here)?

What do you think is going on behind the scenes at Hieronymous Wiggenstaff’s School for Heroism and Villainy?

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