The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 11 “You Can Call me Althea”

You Can Call me Al(thea)

Althea is here from the Heroic Oversight Guild, and she has some questions for the boys. Weird things have been happening all over the place, and it’s time to start getting some answers — at least for the Guild. “You Can Call me Althea” promises some answers, but all it delivers are more questions.

Sir Fitzroy’s interview with Althea is weird — he doesn’t want to give up too much information because he doesn’t want to be overheard by the Garys, and she can tell he’s full of it. Once she says they won’t be overheard, he’s much more forthcoming, explaining his role in Leon’s disappearance.

Althea also explains that no one, not even Villains, is allowed to use brainwashing to control other people. It’s against the rules, and Sir Fitzroy kind of panics and demands she look into it.

That’s what she’s doing, bud.

When she asks if he has any other concerns and he says, “It’s really just the brainwashing and murder,” I cracked up. I don’t understand how these guys can sit together and crack these one-liners without thoroughly ruining the audio track with their laughter.

Now that we know the firbolg is one of the people struggling with brainwashed, he gets to spend a few minutes investigating it. He talks to Gary about it, and Gary confirms he’s been wandering around being suspicious.

Gary also confirms that when the firbolg was in Higglemus’ office, the Gary in there was “asleep.” This is suspicious since, as statues, they don’t really require sleep.

They make a deal that Gary will alert Sir Fitzroy the next time they see the firbolg “wandering” up to see Higglemus.

We get to see Festo again — the adorable little faerie professor — and Festo says Althea can be trusted up to a point. While she’s dedicated to doing good, she’s also dedicated to doing her job. Festo doesn’t know if Althea will put people first or the job first.

(Cue ominous music.)

After spending the first half of “You Can Call me Althea” devoted to worldbuilding and uncovering some secrets (but really not answering any of my questions), the second half abruptly shifts over to some combat training since they almost died during the hospital crawl episodes. It was a little surprising, but, hey! Sometimes you just gotta roll initiative and see what happens.

When the combat practice is done, we learn some big secrets about Sir Fitzroy’s family (which I absolutely can’t wait to see the ramifications of), and the firbolg finally gets to talk to Althea.

Immediately after dropping the bomb that he was exiled from his clan without admitting why, the firbolg admits to Althea that he’s been compelled to do things he doesn’t understand and can’t remember. It’s haunting him, and he needs help.

Frankly, it’s haunting me. What has Higgelmus been doing to the firbolg? What is he up to? Will Althea help crack these mysteries wide open, or is she just another person on Higglemus’ side? What will the recording beetle uncover?

What are your theories?

Author: Kate

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