The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 10 “Dark Arts and Crafts”

dark arts and crafts

Class is back in session! “Dark Arts and Crafts” marks the start of semester two with the boys settling into their new dorm room with its fancy private bathroom and the possibility of a haunting. What does Travis have for us during this part of the campaign?

Remember when Argo was hired to spy on Sir Fitzroy, but the only thing he learned was about the hot mint gum? The Jackal isn’t impressed with his knowledge and explains why it’s so important for the Unbroken Chain to learn where Sir Fitzroy’s magic came from.

I know it’s not a secret from the boys, but the fact that these characters are being subtly pitted against each other by Travis/their teachers and mentors? I love it. I’m eating it up. I’m so excited to see how these little dramatic seeds are going to come to fruition.

Sir Fitzroy’s subplot is his absolute belief that there’s some sketchy mind-control magic happening behind the scenes (which led to Leon’s disappearance, among other things), and he wants to learn how to make something that can protect himself from undue influences.

I thought he was being selfish, that Griffin was making a choice that Sir Fitzroy would only care about his own mind and not care so much about his friends or Leon, but then… he checks on the firbolg, and he discovers that there IS some sort of outside influence at work (like he suspected) and that it’s touched the firbolg. He also says he’s working on a solution for all of them, which I absolutely love.

I was so ready to believe Sir Fitzroy was being selfish, that I wasn’t prepared for him to be trying to save everyone.

The hook for the next episode (like I need an extra reason to tune in in two weeks): Althea, the redheaded elf from the beginning of the episode, is waiting for them in their room. She has… so many questions.

Finally, an announcement: The Adventure Zone (and the rest of the podcasts on the Max Fun network) have rescheduled their Max Fun Drive. They run this fundraiser each spring to raise funds to keep content rolling for the upcoming year, but because of everything else going on right now… they’re postponing it. Stay tuned.

I’m excited! I want to see where the rest of the episodes are going, and I want to know the answers to this mind control mystery, and I want to know more about why the Unbroken Chain is so interested in Sir Fitzroy.

What are your burning questions from “Dark Arts and Crafts”?

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