The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 15 “Out of Order”

out of order

The last episode ended with Sir Fitzroy being cursed — and “Out of Order” begins with him unable to breathe while the rest of the Thundermen try to pin down exactly what happened. Was it the Spirit of the Scarlet Woods? I mean, probably, but we have to wait for the boys to figure it out, too.

While Justin and Clint (I mean… the firbolg and Argo) try to figure out where the curse is coming from, Sir Fitzroy is locked in a nightmare about being in his old magic class at Clyde Night’s Knight Night School, when he turned Sylvia Night into a slimy creature. This is what finally got him kicked out of the school, starting him down the path to Heironymous Wiggenstaff’s School for Heroism and Villainy and his current situation.

Argo stays at Sir Fitzroy’s side while Althea starts to work on a cure. The firbolg goes back to the apple tree to investigate. It looks normal, but something spooky is happening here. The centaur sentinels are illusions (one is really dead and the other is missing)… and so is the singular apple on the tree.

Someone has already taken the apple for their own purposes… but who? The firbolg continues investigating with the help of Rhodes, a ranger also in the area to help with the centaur assignment, and together they find that someone physically climbed the tree to take the apple and then ran away.

Sir Fitzroy meets someone in his fever dream, but it’s not clear who. The god of Chaos? It’s definitely the entity who gave him his magic, now taking the time to tempt him into acting on his desire for power. The true reason behind wanting to become a knight was for power, and the rush he got from seeing the fear in Sylvia’s eyes made him feel powerful.

Is this the beginning of Sir Fiztroy’s slide into Evilness? He says no, but Chaos doesn’t seem so sure.

I have to admit, I struggled a bit following all the jumping around that Travis did this episode. It was like a dozen smash cuts all right in a row, presenting the narrative… out of order. (It’s all coming together.) Of course, that’s what the repeat button is for in Spotify, so I figured it out eventually.

The episode ends with the Thundermen accused of stealing the magic apple for themselves. Which, well, we know they didn’t do, but none of the centaurs know that. Who would frame them like that? Who would benefit from the centaurs turning on them? My money is still on Calhaine, but there’s no way to be sure yet.

I do love a good cliffhanger, and “Out of Order” delivers. I can’t wait for next week.

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