Stock Up on Pink Pokémon and Candy with Pokémon GO’s Valentine’s Day Event

Pokemon Go Valentine's Day

The first Pokémon GO in-game event of 2017 has arrived! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Niantic has rolled out a week-long package of bonuses. There isn’t any new content, but there are some features that will help you fill in those new spaces they added to your Pokédex in December.

So if there’s no new Pokémon or gift packages like we saw at Christmas, what is there? The event revolves around a few key areas: spawning, hatching, candy, and lures.

Honestly, I’m just showing off my Lickitung here. I’m very proud.

First, the Valentine’s Day event boosted the spawn rates of pink Pokémon. As far as we can tell so far the Pokémon with higher spawn rates include Exeggcute, Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Clefable, Chansey, Slowbro, and the ultra-rare Lickitung.

You’re much more likely to hatch pink Pokémon from eggs gathered during this event, too. Look for Igglybuff and Cleffa, who you can only get from hatching. There should even be some Smoochums popping out of eggs (even though they’re technically not pink, but I guess there’s a pretty clear connection between Valentine’s Day and a tiny kiss monster). Remember that in the past this only applied to eggs caught during the event, so get some incubators and clear out your egg stash to make room.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without cheap candy, and Pokémon GO is definitely delivering here. All Buddies will be earning double candy during the event. You also get double candy from catching, hatching, and grinding up – I mean, transferring Pokémon to the Professor.

The last boost is one that I’m not sure is going to be useful unless you live near a lot of Pokéstops. Lures will last six hours this week. I personally don’t have a Pokéstop anywhere I want to stay for that long. It might be a good way to share the love, though. If you’re short on gold, there’s sure to be lures for miles. Drop a lucky egg and camp at your local Starbucks.

Author: Khai

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