Pokemon GO HOME & Sleep – Pikachu Will Take Over the World And I’m Here For It!

pokemon sleep masters home 2019
Pokemon Sleep, Masters, and Home (Image: @Pokemon)

The Pokemon 2019 Press Conference gave fans a look at what to expect from the world-famous franchise. The new games include a sequel to Detective Pikachu, Masters, Sleep, and HOME. Pikachu can take over my entire life, and I’ll say thank you.

The press conference was more or less 30-minutes long. You can watch the entire video if you want. While not a lot of detail was shared, there was still enough content to make fans excited about the upcoming titles.

First up, Detective Pikachu (the game) is getting a sequel for the Nintendo Switch. Fingers crossed, the live-action adaptation also gets a sequel (which is supposedly in development). The film’s box office hasn’t been great.

Then there is Pokemon HOME. It is a new cloud service compatible with the Switch, iOS, and Android. As the name implies, it will allow you to move your Pokemon between different games. It is expected to launch in 2020. Players can also trade through it.

Now, Pokemon Sleep sounds weird. Apparantly, it will track your sleep and then offer rewards. Basically, you will be able to play Pokemon while sleeping which… yay?

The Pokemon Company will be teaming up with Niantic and Nintendo for the new app. Pokemon GO Plus + is under development. It will operate similarly to the Pokemon GO Plus but will track your sleep pattern. You can expect Pokemon Sleep to be released sometime in 2020.

In the near future, Pikachu and Mickey Mouse are going to battle each other to determine who will rule humankind. I am ready!

As for a more traditional gaming title, we have Pokemon Masters. It will feature iconic Pokemon trainers from the franchise’s history. It is also what I’m the most excited about because Misty is my favorite Pokemon character. It is supposed to be available on iOS and Android later this year.

Fans can look forward to more news due to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct event being scheduled for Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

Are you ready to become the best Pokemon Sleep champion there ever was? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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