Pokemon YouTube Community Dealing With Underage Sexual Assault Allegations

youtube pokemon putnam sexual assault

If you are part of the Pokemon YouTube community, you might be familiar with a series of underage sexual assault allegations certain YouTubers are facing. Fandoms that skew younger in demographic need to do everything possible when it comes to protecting kids.

The creators facing the allegations are MudkipMama, Dekadurr, KingNappy, Mizumi and BiseProductions. It began on March 27, 2019, when Felicity Lucille, a Twitch streamer known as AttackonSylveon, posted a YouTube video sharing a traumatic experience she had back in 2015 with Nathan Putnam (Dekadurr or NintendoEncoder on YouTube).

According to Lucille, he had been messaging her on Snapchat while she was on a family vacation. At that time Lucille was only 15 years old.

He was Snapchatting shirtless pictures of himself, which I thought was weird,” she shared. Lucille said she felt “pressured” to send him explicit images of herself.

Putnam continued such contact with Lucille (who is 19 now) for years. He even sent her a video to a song by Tyler the Creator titled “Too F–king Young” which is about trying to keep away from the urge of being with an underage girl.

Lucille was threatened by Putnam to not say anything because he would share certain images with her friends and family.

Along with Putnam, Lucille also revealed the identities of other men (including BiseProductions) who sent her explicit images while she was underage.

Bise issued an apology on March 29, 2019. His social media accounts have since been deleted.

JayYTGamer talked about being familiar with Putnam’s behavior and how chances were given for Putnam to hopefully change.

KingNappy has his own allegations to face. GameboyLuke, The HeatedMo, and others accused him of grooming and messaging underage boys.

youtube pokemon sexual assault underage

youtube sexual assault underage putnam

Mudkip Mama (or VegasJamie) has been accused of sending inappropriate messages to underage boys.

Mizumi has been accused of soliciting nude images from underage girls.

There is a #PokeMeToo movement occurring on Twitter, and I hope it is able to reveal more people who act like this.

Fandoms with very young members need to create spaces where kids feel safe and are also heard when they come forward to share their experiences.

Kotaku has an in-depth piece about all of this. I recommend you read it.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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