“Pokemon Sword and Shield” Trailer Features New Starters and Region!

Pokemon Sword Shield game

During the latest Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo offered details about the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. Titled Pokemon: Sword and Shield, it will feature three new starters as well as a new region for players to explore. The game will be released later this year. I can’t wait!

There are many things to love about the Pokemon: Sword and Shield trailer. A lot of it shows the beauty of the Galar Region which has been described as “an expansive region with many amazing environments, where people and Pokemon live together.”

The three new starter Pokemon are Scorbunny (Fire-type), Sobble (Water-type), and Grookey (Grass-type).

Scorbunny is a rabbit. It is always running about due to having a lot of energy.

Sobble is a water lizard. It is timid and shoots its attacks while hiding in water.

Goorkey is a chimp. It is mischievous and has a curious nature.

Here’s the trailer!

Of course, I had to react to it!

The Galar region seems to be inspired by the UK. It does look very European. As for the trio of Pokemon which players can choose as their starter, being a Water-type Pokemon trainer, I will have to play with Sobble. It is hideous but in a very cute kind of way.

Who will you choose as your starter?

Fingers crossed Scorbunny doesn’t end up being another Fire-Fighting Pokemon. We already have enough of them.

A new Pokemon game in the main series to be released on the Switch was announced during E3 2017. Fans have waited a long time and I appreciate the Pokemon Company finally releasing an official trailer. The date of the announcement does make sense. A new Detective Pikachu trailer debuted yesterday. The upcoming film has Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the iconic Electric-type Pokemon.

It is also the 23rd anniversary of the famous franchise.

Are you excited about Pokemon: Sword and Shield? Let us know.

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