Pokemon Sword and Shield Bringing Exciting Changes to Video and TCG Gameplay

Dynamax Pokemon V cards
Pokemon V card to introduce Dynamax feature? (Image: Screengran)

The Pokemon franchise has some exciting changes for fans to look forward to, not only in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield titles but also in the Trading Card Game. Who is ready to battle players with the gigantic Dynamax versions of their Pokemon? I sure am!

Let’s begin with the video games, because the changes in gameplay are what will trickle down to the TCG line. The Pokemon Company has streamed a new trailer which previews new abilities, items, and the Dynamax battle feature (which is basically making Godzilla-sized versions of your Pokemon! Yay, kid-friendly destruction!).

The Sword and Shield versions will grant players access to the Battle Stadium in which players from around the globe can battle and compete against each other. You will need a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to use the Battle Stadium.

Both Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available worldwide come November 15, 2019.

As for the card game, a teaser trailer debuted during the Pokemon World Championships 2019 in Washington, D.C.

One of the biggest teases was a new type of card called “Pokemon V”, which many fans suspect is the card game’s way of introducing the Dynamax feature (especially because of the card’s massive HP as well as the card being surrounded by the same effects seen during the Dynamax gameplay).

The Gen 8 legendaries Zamazenta and Zacian will have Pokemon V cards. The upcoming new card type is supposed to be a successor to the powerful Pokemon GX cards.

It will be interesting to see how the Pokemon V cards will impact Pokemon TCG. Will such cards need to be discarded after a few turns because the Dynamax feature has a time limit in the video game, too? How oversized will the new cards be? I’m excited to find out.

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