Suddenly Iron Men! Thousands of Them!


The following article contains minor spoilers from the Iron Man 3 #2 Official Trailer and associated comics. If you’d prefer to remain unspoiled for the film, do not proceed.

Today marked the release of the second official Iron Man 3 trailer, and with it came more glimpses of the action, drama and bizarre over-articulated words from Sir Ben Kingsley that we can expect to see in the movie proper.

What did you guys think? I’m pretty excited, though I must admit, I’m not as well versed in Iron Man as I am in other comics, so the sudden appearance of multiple Iron Men sent me scrambling to Wikipedia in an attempt to identify them all.

It looks like Tony’s up for another round of ~*issues*~ that may stem from something more than just his psychedelic and probably scarring journey to space. There’s also some standard monologuing from the Mandarin about how he’s gonna kill Tony and everyone he loves, no surprise there.

Speaking of loved ones, I’m hoping to see some badass action from Pepper Potts in the third movie, and so far it seems to hint that she may play a more prominent role this time ’round. Perhaps she’ll even end up in a suit of her own, as she has in the more recent comics. It looks like Rhodey will play a big part once more as well. Maybe that’s his Iron Patriot suit.

But of course, the most noteworthy aspect of this new trailer is the reappearance of the gigantic plush rabbit sitting oh-so-innocently in Tony’s living room. What is it? A gift for Pepper? A bomb? Some kind of really lame container for an Iron Man suit?

This and other questions will (probably) be answered when Iron Man 3 is released in theaters nation-wide on May 3, 2013.

If you didn’t catch the trailer when it was released this morning, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Author: Steamgirl

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