Summer of Manga 2019 Review: Justice vs Trick

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Justice vs Trick is the final #summerofmanga2019 oneshot we’ll look at. Crime doesn’t pay when you have soul fragments from a trickster goddess inside you!

The scenario for Justice vs Trick seems simple enough: Keepa’s cat gets sick and almost dies after eating a treat given to him by Loro. Enter Ergo, the young protagonist whose special hat helps him fight for justice. He investigates the circumstances of the poisoning in a manner not unlike a trial in Dangan Ronpa or Phoenix Wright, with an over-the-top cross examination.

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But things aren’t what they appear in the world of Justice vs Trick. Here, everyone has fragments of the goddess of trickery, Trexia, within them. Things aren’t pretty when those fragments are awakened. So while Ergo fights for justice, he has to be a bit of a trickster himself in order to catch the culprit behind the poisoning off guard and get him to spill the beans without causing his Trexia fragment to completely awaken.

The concept behind these Trexia fragments lends a fun supernatural angle to Ergo’s detective investigation. And while the details about what makes his hat so special remain a secret for now, my personal guess is that it might act as the goddess of justice’s counterpart to the Trexia fragments. Or maybe he just has a killer sense of style!

Q: Who are you? Introduce yourself!

My full name is Marinos Basiadakis and I am from Greece. My art name is Stompin._. I studied Agronomics but I am pursuing a career in art as a comic/concept artist. For two years, I have worked for a fashion retail brand here in Greece and I have worked with brands like Ellesse and Vans.

Q: What’s something you learned while working on #summerofmanga2019?

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It was my first time creating and finishing a short story so I experimented a lot. I mostly talked and interacted with Frederick. He pointed out where my story was lacking and what I was doing wrong (in creating something people could understand). This experience not only introduced me on how this industry works and how an artist has to be both professional and punctual, but I also met so many cool people that I was able to make some good friends.

Q: What are the challenges of making a one shot story compared to a continuous manga comic series with multiple chapters?

The challenge for me was that the story needed to be short. I have problems sorting out my thoughts as I am making a story. Also, I find it hard creating a good elevator pitch. Finally, I think it’s hard because you need to build a strong story and setting with such a small amount of pages.

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