SurrealEstate 2×1 Review: “Trust the Process”

Trust the Process SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 1 review
Luke undermines Susan in ‘Trust the Process’ (Image: SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 1)

SurrealEstate finally came back (after going through a cancellation and then a renewal) with a very enjoyable second season debut in ‘Trust the Process’. 

You have no idea how glad I am to be back to covering SurrealEstate. This series strikes the right balance when it comes to storytelling featuring older characters, horror, action, humor, and queer representation. I do hope that TPTB decides to keep it around for at least four seasons (if not more) and doesn’t rush to pull the plug after the second season ends (like they did with season one’s cancellation). Let it grow and continue to garner a passionate fanbase.

After what transpired during the events of the season one finale, ‘Trust the Process’ opened after a two-month time skip and showcased how Susan had been running the Roman Agency. She seemed to be doing a good job, even though not being able to have Luke around to effectively communicate with the paranormal was annoying. And while Susan wasn’t a fan, I did like the idea of using Scrabble chips to determine what an entity wanted to say.

Though Susan was thriving at keeping the agency running, I do think it was a bit too much for Phil. I’m unsure if he felt overworked or if the adoption process was getting to him, but seeing Phil falling asleep in the conference room made me worry. He should not be doing that.

Speaking about the adoption process, I think the narrative will explore the hurdles two queer married men face when it comes to adopting a child. Phil’s tone felt very pointed when he told Luke (during his bi-weekly wellness check) about the response he had received from the agency. I’m looking forward to seeing Phil and his husband, Anthony, sharing screen time as they try to expand their family. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up adopting a kid with a supernatural talent.

One of the things I want from the second season of SurrealEstate is layered world-building. The first season introduced very interesting ideas but didn’t have time to dive deep into them. So, here’s hoping the second outing does manage to do otherwise.

With Susan possessing pyrokinesis and telekinesis, and Luke being able to communicate with the dead, I want to know the limit cap when it comes to people with supernatural powers in the world of SurrealEstate. Are there people who can raise the dead? Manipulate reality? Control minds?

Also, with people seemingly running around with supernatural abilities (we saw a young telekinetic girl during the first season), why hasn’t anyone tried to kidnap young superpowered kids for research purposes? There’s so much that can be done with the fictional world George R. Olson has created. Having said that, I also understand if Olson wants to keep the scope contained to the selling and buying of properties.

With SurrealEstate following the monster-of-the-week style of storytelling, ‘Trust the Process’ had the Roman Agency handle a house that was seemingly haunted by a singing ghost child. And while our main cast tried to solve the case, we the audience knew that something much more dangerous was at play. The entire thing involving a serial killer ghost was used to amp up the tension involving Susan having to deal with Luke deciding to come back to work.

I don’t know about you, but I liked how the narrative handled Luke’s behavior. Losing his power, understandably, did a number of him. It’s as if a huge part of his identity had simply vanished. The Roman Agency was built on Luke’s ability to see and talk to the dead. So, how was he to fit into his own agency now if he couldn’t bring his useful power to the table?

Luke clearly felt insecure due to how Susan had managed to run things during his absence. He knew he wasn’t treating her well, but he couldn’t help himself. Luke wanted Susan out of the way so he could reclaim some sense of control in his life. I liked the scene where Zooey called Luke out on his nasty behavior toward Susan. And though Luke felt bad about how he had acted, ‘Trust the Process’ made it quite obvious that the rift between Susan and Luke would continue to grow as the season progressed. Luke realizing his mistake and still not being able to make amends made him feel human. It’s the type of writing that makes a character feel flawed in a more realistic and relatable way.

I can see Luke and Susan coming out stronger as friends after everything’s said and done. I can even see Luke making Susan a partner in the agency. But for the foreseeable future, I’m ready for the drama that’s going to continue to happen between the two and how it will impact the agency as a whole.

With Luke trying to reclaim his position in the agency, the premiere episode had Susan finding solace in a beautiful house that reminded her of her childhood. However, the house came with a catch, it included a smart home device that made me want to chuck it out the moment it spoke to Susan. I don’t know what type of entity was haunting that device but it’s bad news. Unfortunately, Susan’s likely not going to realize until it’s a bit too late. She seemed too attached to the house as well as to a freaking AI voice that was giving her the attention she needed right now.

With the second season being ready to explore the drama between Luke and Susan, Luke wanting to find his mother, Phil wanting to adopt a child, and Susan not being aware of her haunted house, I do wonder what character arc Zooey and August will go through.

Also, before I end my review, I have to say that the breakup scene between Luke and Megan made me sad even though Megan leaving made narrative sense. Luke was in no position to be in a romantic relationship with someone. The dude can’t even talk to his dead father anymore. He’s quite alone. Also, the paranormal world wasn’t really for Megan.

Here’s to hoping the second season allows Luke to heal and we get to see Megan return soon.

If you aren’t watching SurrealEstate yet, I recommend that you rectify that mistake ASAP. The first season is available on Hulu and new episodes of the second season air on SyFy every Wednesday! 

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