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  • The Walking Dead 6×13 Review: The Same Boat

    Before “The Same Boat” aired, I posted that I was taking bets on whether *anything* would happen in this episode…and while I wouldn’t say that absolutely nothing happened, it certainly seemed to cement my theory that they’re going to spend this and the next episode or two simply building up to the season finale. -Read […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×2 Review: JSS

    I feel the need to begin this review by saying that I actually enjoyed tonight’s episode; it was probably the best episode since the group ended up in Alexandria, though as usual with The Walking Dead, it still had its flaws. To begin with the beginning, while I was of course interested in finding out […]

  • Revisiting The Walking Dead: Season 5

    Now that the Walking Dead season 5 has wrapped up, we at The Geekiary sat down at our virtual roundtable to discuss the obnoxiousness of Father Gabriel, whether “Caryl” is still a thing, how awesome Aaron and Eric are, and more. So sit back, relax, and grab yourself some of that Alexandria Scotch. Or beer. […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×16 Review: Conquer

    After all the rumor hype over the season five finale of Walking Dead, I doubt I’m the only person who feels like it was pretty anticlimactic.Which is sad, because overall it was a good episode – but they certainly fell short of their usual ridiculous death quota. I was definitely excited to see Morgan show up […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×14 Review: Spend

    I have to say that this episode of The Walking Dead was one of the more disturbing episodes of this show ever – if not the MOST disturbing. And on top of that, it was disturbing on several levels, to the point where I almost don’t know how to begin. In a way, I think […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×13 Review: Forget

    I’m a bit surprised at this, but I have to admit that I was quite taken with “Forget”. Despite having concerns about how well the writers would portray the beginnings of the Alexandria story line, so far they’ve pretty much been hitting it out of the park. One of the main reasons I think that […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×12 Review: Remember

    It’s pretty clear that The Walking Dead is really pushing toward their extended season five finale, and I’m looking toward it with a sort of interested bemusement. “Remember” marked the second week in a row where the episode was enjoyable as only Walking Dead can be, but it also left me wondering if they can […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×06 Review: Consumed

    When “Consumed” opened with a flashback to Rick leaving Carol, I was immediately excited to see where they were going to take this episode. However, I was a bit surprised that nearly all of it was something of one long flashback to hers and Daryl’s search for Beth, interrupted only by very brief scenes from […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×01 Review: No Sanctuary

    Tonight’s season premiere of The Walking Dead started on a very different note than what I expected, with the flashback to Gareth and Alex in a train car at Terminus, followed by a flash forward to Rick and company readying themselves to attack as soon as the train car door is opened. Unfortunately for them, […]

  • Revisiting The Walking Dead: Season 4

    There’s less than two days left before the much-anticipated premiere Walking Dead season five, so we at The Geekiary thought that it would be fun to take a look back at last season. Join us as we lament over Bob (seriously, what’s up with him?), try to figure out how we feel about Carl, and […]