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  • Ten Infamous Pieces of Fandom Lore

    What is fandom lore? Essentially, it’s the history of fans and their activities within fandom, particularly ones that have led to stories being passed around and becoming, well, something like legends – and not only within their communities, but within fandom as a whole. The explosion of social media throughout the past decade has caused […]

  • “Ship It” Sounds Cute but May Actually Do Shippers a Disservice

    I was really excited about Britta Lundin’s Ship It, a YA novel heavily focused on fandom and convention culture featuring an LGBTQ+ romance. Unfortunately, I was incredibly disappointed with the characters and the way fandom – particularly shippers – were presented. It is a good starting off point for a much-needed discussion about entitlement in fandom, […]

  • Michael Seater And Ashley Leggat Tease Possible Dasey Fic Podcast

    About a decade ago, I was obsessed with this show called Life with Derek. It was a Canadian show that aired on the Disney Channel about a recently blended family where the two oldest children – Casey and Derek (aka Dasey) – clashed constantly. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to […]

  • A Fanfiction Documentary Just Launched A Kickstarter!

    There’s a fanfiction documentary in the works and it just launched a Kickstarter! The world of fanfiction is often misunderstood by mainstream audiences and tends to get marginalized as a ‘weird’ obscure hobby.  What a lot of people miss is the deep impact transformative works has on both the creators and audience, as well as […]

  • What’s The Deal With EW’s Fanfic Contest?

    Another year another fandom freak out because someone’s talking/using fanworks. This time it’s Entertainment Weekly, they’re running a contest for Fanuary asking for people to “Submit Your Best Fan Fiction”. The winner of the contest will be published in EW and online at Considering the ghosts of fandoms past, it’s understandable that people are […]

  • Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Fanfiction?

    There has been yet another disastrous attempt to capitalize on fanfiction’s increasing visibility because apparently it’s hilarious to make fun of someone’s hobby. An event called “Fanfic Theater with Chris Gore” was announced as part of WonderCon’s schedule and it’s as bad as it sounds; basically the plan was for a bunch of comedians and […]