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  • Steven Yeun Excited about Glenn Rhee Meeting Negan?

    Earlier today, EW reported that that Steven Yeun, who stars as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead, thinks that Negan’s impending arrival is “awesome”. WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics as well as possible futures for the show follow. Seriously, do not continue reading if you have not read through almost all of the […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×7 Review: Heads Up

    Wow. No seriously, just…wow. It took me a little while to come to terms with this episode, with the first issue being that Glenn is in fact still alive. And appears to be completely okay. And I feel cheated, as should every other Walking Dead fan. Because as I said after “Thank You”, there was […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×5 Review: Now

    More often than not during this season of Walking Dead, it has taken me some time after the episodes to formulate any sort of coherent thoughts about what happened. Unfortunately, “Now” was no different – the episode felt disjointed at best, as if the writers were trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends […]

  • The New #TeamDelusional: Is Glenn Dead Or Not?

    WARNING: Full spoilers and graphic pictures from The Walking Dead S06E03 (“Thank You”) follow. Now that I’ve slept on it and then re-watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, I decided to gather my thoughts and take a second look at what happened (or didn’t) to Glenn. A quick survey of my friends who […]

  • The Walking Dead 6×3 Review: Thank You

    The Walking Dead has certainly delivered quite a few shocking moments in the past, but I don’t think the show has ever horrified me quite as much as it did tonight. I suppose we should have seen it coming, and now that I look back, it was actually very heavy-handed. To be honest, I think […]

  • Revisiting The Walking Dead: Season 5

    Now that the Walking Dead season 5 has wrapped up, we at The Geekiary sat down at our virtual roundtable to discuss the obnoxiousness of Father Gabriel, whether “Caryl” is still a thing, how awesome Aaron and Eric are, and more. So sit back, relax, and grab yourself some of that Alexandria Scotch. Or beer. […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×16 Review: Conquer

    After all the rumor hype over the season five finale of Walking Dead, I doubt I’m the only person who feels like it was pretty anticlimactic.Which is sad, because overall it was a good episode – but they certainly fell short of their usual ridiculous death quota. I was definitely excited to see Morgan show up […]

  • The Walking Dead 5×14 Review: Spend

    I have to say that this episode of The Walking Dead was one of the more disturbing episodes of this show ever – if not the MOST disturbing. And on top of that, it was disturbing on several levels, to the point where I almost don’t know how to begin. In a way, I think […]

  • Walking Dead 4×15 Review: Us

    Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was the second to last one in season four, and it opened with some characters that we haven’t seen in quite a while – Glenn and Tara, and Abraham and company. However, at first the focus seemed to be on Abraham and Tara, though thankfully after their late night […]