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  • Mad Max Themed Graduation Cosplay? Sure, Why Not!

    Some awesome students in Japan put together a Mad Max Themed Graduation and it was amazing. Apparently having a cosplay style graduation is a thing in Japan.  Kotaku has chronicled several of them in the past.  This time around some enterprising young students at Tokya’s Tama Art University put together some absolutely stellar Mad Max […]

  • Tara Lynne’s Geekiary Gift Guide

    Let’s be honest – a lot of websites do gift guides. But I’m going to go ahead and claim that this one is the best because I’m creating it. And because the vast majority of the items on this list are actually, um, affordable…and not necessarily something you would just stumble upon on ThinkGeek or […]

  • The Brits Have the Comic Con: Titan Entertainment at NYCC

    Getting larger every convention, Titan Entertainment had a massive booth at NYCC this year, complete with merchandise, books, and comics galore. If you aren’t familiar with Titan, check out my Toy Fair review from earlier this year. The exclusive swag available for con goers this year included some Sherlock (a duo pack with Watson – […]

  • FEELINGS Daily: I HATE April Fool’s Day!

    Hi yes, it is my most hated day of the year. You can accuse me of not being able to take a joke all you want, but let’s be real, A LOT of people use today as an excuse to be a general jerk. The only April Fool’s Day joke I’m interested in is Google […]