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  • Netflix’s ‘Dracula’ Is A Surprisingly Modern and Fun Ride

    The latest interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula found its way to Netflix, and despite the story being familiar to film and literary fans, this one took inspiration from other modern stories, putting a refreshing twist on the story that we all know. It was surprisingly good by hitting all of the right humor and drama notes, […]

  • ‘Sherlock’ Special Review: The Abominable Bride

    In the past I’ve pretty much been the Queen of Sherlock Spoilers, knowing every little thing that’d happen in each episode and following #Setlock fiercely online.  This time around I took the opposite approach and went into this only knowing that it took place in the Victorian era.  I wasn’t sure how, if at all, […]

  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary at San Diego Comic Con

    Did I enjoy the Doctor Who panel at SDCC this year? Yes, immensely. But was my enjoyment of it proportional to the time I spent waiting to see it? Probably not. In a weekend stuffed full of incredible good luck for The Geekiary, I might even go so far as to say that the Doctor […]

  • Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1 Filming Nearly Complete

    After last week’s initial burst of Setlock spoilers, things seemed to have mostly settled down in fandom. A cinematographer on the set has confirmed that they are six days away from the end of filming for the first episode The Empty Hearse.  What these next few days hold isn’t entirely certain, but Speedy’s Cafe did […]