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  • What can we do to #SaveHannibal ?

    This afternoon Fannibals around the world were crushed to hear that NBC officially pulled the plug on Hannibal.  We’ve been struggling ever since Season 1 to keep the show on the air and it’s been on the verge of cancellation repeatedly, but somehow managed to pull through at the last second.  This time, we weren’t so lucky. […]

  • The People Behind #SaveInTheFlesh

    The #SaveInTheFlesh campaign has been one of the best word of mouth campaigns I’ve seen in many years.  I say this as someone who has participated any many including the campaign to get Hannibal a third season and the endless campaigning to keep Castiel on Supernatural practically every year.  My fandom activism goes all the […]

  • ‘Save Our Show’ Campaign: In The Flesh

    Nothing recommends a television show to me more than when fans start fighting to protect it. So after seeing a ‘save our show’ post pop up on my Tumblr dash I finally found the time to sit down and start watching the BAFTA award winning BBC supernatural drama In The Flesh. One of my fellow […]

  • Fannibals Call on Fellow Fandoms to Help Them Help Will Graham

    There’s nothing that represents the beauty, the passion, and the pain of fandom better than a “save our show” campaign. NBC’s Hannibal, arguably one of THE BEST shows on television right now, is at risk of being cancelled due to low ratings (we all know that’s not exactly an indicator of quality). In order to […]