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  • Super Lovers 1×6 Review: Cloudy Sky

    “Cloudy Sky” is the first episode where I’ve been able to actually enjoy the show for what it is instead of looking for things to ease my fears that this might actually be a shota series in disguise. But before we even talk about “Cloudy Sky” I need to share fun embarrassing moment here.  I had […]

  • Super Lovers 1×5 Review: Cherry Blossom

    There didn’t appear to be any massive time jumps in “Cherry Blossom.” Thank God, because that was getting ridiculous. “Cherry Blossom” seemed to be tailor-made to ease my initial concerns about the relationship between Haru and Ren.  We’re finally shown more active consent from Ren, it’s implied that he’s at least 16 years old, and […]

  • Super Lovers 1×4 Review: Young Grass

    The fourth episode of Super Lovers, ‘Young Grass’, brings us back to Japan and starts a major chapter in the life of the Kaidou brothers. The time jump in ‘Young Grass’ is super confusing at first.  There’s a four-year time gap between the first two episodes of the show, some consistency between the second and […]

  • Super Lovers 1×3 Review: White Christmas

    The third episode of Super Lovers – “White Christmas” – is clearly an establishment of the dynamic between the four brothers, and it’s actually making me feel a lot better about where this could be headed. As I’ve said before (repeatedly), I never got this far in the manga, so the dynamic in “White Christmas” […]

  • Super Lovers 1×02 Review: Black Eye

    Here we go folks.  “Black Eye” marks uncharted territory for me. Let’s see what Super Lovers has to offer. As I stated in my last review, I gave the Super Lovers manga a shot and stopped.  I didn’t stop because I wasn’t enjoying it, but rather because I loved what I was given too much […]

  • Super Lovers 1×01 Review: Forest Green

    I’ve got to admit, I gave the Super Lovers manga a shot and it wasn’t my cup of tea.  But here I am giving it another go with the anime, and I’m going in with an open mind. Before I even begin to review the show fairly, I do need to disclose I stopped reading […]