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  • The Geekiary’s SDCC 2019 Agenda!

    We here at The Geekiary are embarking on our 6th year of SDCC coverage and we’re excited to share our agenda for this year with you! This agenda will be updated right up until the first day of the con, so check back frequently!  We’ll include information about panels we plan attending, anticipated press rooms, […]

  • iZombie at SDCC – Rob Thomas Interview

    I was grateful to be able to chat with the creators and cast of iZombie at San Diego Comic-Con this year and gain insights into the inspiration behind the show.  I was especially pleased to talk with Rob Thomas, the mind behind another fan favorite show Veronica Mars.  I’m a new Marshmallow, only having discovered […]

  • iZombie 1×10 Review: Mr Berserk

    I don’t feel like we really had adequate time to mourn Lowell’s death during this episode, nor did Liv up until the final few moments.  I had grown rather fond of his character, so last week’s surprise headshot really affected me to the point of losing sleep (and I’m not ashamed to admit that).  Instead […]

  • Ms. Track and Capture: Veronica Mars Back in Action

    The Veronica Mars books do not pull punches. (Spoiler alert: plot points discussed, but not the ending. That’s one punch I’m willing to pull.) WARNING: Mentions of sexual assault and abuse. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • Veronica Mars Movie Review

    Part of me wants to be able to distance myself from the emotional attachment I have to Veronica Mars and just look at the film but that kind of dismisses the whole point of this movie. The Veronica Mars movie was made out of love and that love only enhanced the viewing experience so I’m […]

  • Veronica Mars (The Movie) is Coming to You

    Ever since the The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Campaign was funded, fans that aren’t lucky enough to live in US have wondered when or if they would actually get to see the film they paid to support. Fears were alleviated when it was announced that Veronica Mars will be available to EVERYONE on March 14 through […]