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  • Hannibal 3×2 Review: Primavera

    It’s hard to remember that Hannibal is on network TV when it’s so consistently grotesque, cinematically gorgeous, and experimental with its style of storytelling.  This is the type of programming you’d see on HBO, but NBC is lucky enough to be the mainstream network to carry it.  I guess they aren’t technically breaking any broadcasting […]

  • Hannibal 2×13 Review: Mizumono

    The last fifteen to twenty minutes of this finale had me hyperventilating big time.  A huge congratulations to Bryan Fuller and Company for such a fantastic season!  With so much in the air, we can only look forward to next year and theorize about what’s to come.  But before I give too much away, let’s […]

  • Hannibal 2×12 Review: Tomewan

    This episode managed to up the gross factor yet again.  How this show manages to do that on a weekly basis, I’m not entirely sure.  How they manage to get this massive amount of gore on an American TV network is even more impressive.  But beyond the gore, this episode has put many plot elements […]

  • Hannibal 2×08 Review: Su-zakana

    After the events of last week’s explosive episode, this one felt a little tame in comparison.  It was a bit of a filler, but it provided some interesting groundwork for what might occur before the season finale.  It had an interesting compare and contrast between characters who were innocent but thought to be guilty and […]