The Ark 1×05 Review: “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

The crew of the Ark deals with a radiation leak in “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.”

The identity of the murderer, along with a new secret about the Ark, is revealed in “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.”

Though the possibility of aliens was teased at the end of “We Weren’t Supposed to Be Awake,” there is no sign of them in “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.” Though Angus (Ryan Adams) and Alicia (Stacey Read) figure out a way to use the mysterious element to protect the ship, the crew of the Ark has more pressing issues to attend to.

Sharon’s (Christie Burke) clone status doesn’t remain secret for long, as Spencer (Reece Ritchie) sneaks around Dr. Kabir (Shalini Peiris) to read Sharon’s classified file. Upon confronting Sharon, Spencer expresses his concern that she will turn violent like her clone. Thankfully, the rest of the council voices support for Sharon and she calls him out for his constant hostility to her leadership. Other than Spencer’s attitude, the dynamic of the council members has become enjoyable to watch, particularly as the group works together during the never-ending crises.

After Cat (Christina Wolfe) tells Felix (Pavle Jerinic) her suspicions that Eva (Tiana Upcheva) is the murderer, Felix goes to question her. Eva is adamant that she isn’t the murderer, going as far to show Felix how she would commit the murder by locking him in the airlock and briefly suppressing the oxygen. Though Eva isn’t the murderer, her nearly killing Felix to prove her innocence is extreme.

Felix then tracks the mysterious message that Spencer received, pinpointing that it was sent from Alicia’s tablet. He publicly stages Alicia’s arrest but tells her in private that he knows she isn’t guilty. Alicia reveals that one other person has accessed her tablet: Baylor (Miles Barrow). Though the signs were there, it’s disappointing that Baylor’s support of Alicia was ultimately too good to be true. With that confirmation, Felix detains Baylor, and he confesses. Though the series successfully pulled off two red herrings in the murder investigation, it’s a relief that the mystery won’t be dragged out any longer.

The Ark’s newest crisis deals with a radiation leak that nobody can get near to stop without dying. When no one, other than James (Richard Fleeshman), volunteers for the suicide mission, Sharon offers to do it herself. However, Spencer tells her that Baylor has volunteered and urges Sharon to let him do it. Sharon decides to trust him, and Baylor ultimately gives his life to save everyone in the harrowing mission.

Baylor (Miles Barrow) in “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.”

Before Baylor sacrifices himself, he tells Spencer of his ultimate mission. He and Susan (Lisa Brenner) have identified him as an asset due to his idolization of controversial mission founder William Trust (Paul Murray). The reveal of the reason why Baylor was interested in Spencer is kind of disappointing, but hopefully the storyline will end up being more satisfying. By the end of “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back,” Spencer discovers the truth, that Trust and his wife are inside cryogenic pods hidden in the ship. The revelation is interesting, and it remains to see how the rest of the crew will react upon finding out.

Author: Jessica Wolff

Jessica Wolff is a graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Film/Video. She has a passion for entertainment and representation in entertainment. She currently resides outside of Washington, DC.

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