Chucky 3×6 Review: “Panic Room”

Panic Room - Chucky Season 3 Episode 6 Review
Old Doll Chucky forces Randall to help launch the nukes in ‘Panic Room’ (Image: Chucky Season 3 Episode 6)

Chucky season 3 episode 6, titled ‘Panic Room’, had the killer doll come extremely close to enacting his plan of blowing up the world with nukes.

After Chucky killed President James and gained access to the nuclear codes in the previous episode, I have to say I wasn’t expecting the creative team to have him actually get the chance to start a nuclear war. Not only that, the writers decided to add another unexpected surprise.

With James dead, it was obvious his ghost was going to stick around because of what was currently happening in the White House. However, a major twist occurred when Bryce decided to reveal James’ body double, a guy named Randall Jenkins, to prevent the public from learning about James’ murder. Like, WTF?

Played by actor Devon Sawa (of course!), it was clear that Randall hadn’t done much work when it came to properly mimicking James. But his appearance did add some levity to an otherwise quite creepy episode. I highly doubt Randall will be coming out alive by the end of this season. But for now, I’m okay with having him around.

As for the ghost version James, he’s there, too. I kind of want to see ghost James and Randall interact. I don’t see ghost James being happy about being replaced in such a manner.

While I didn’t pay much attention to him at first, Warren Pryce has come into his own. He’s running the show now and I liked how the writers had Warren make the White House feel like a haunted prison to Charlotte and her kids. There’s no way Warren’s going to let them go. The White House needed to continue looking strong and that meant Charlotte had to play along.

I enjoyed seeing how actress Lara Jean Chorostecki portrayed a grief-stricken Charlotte after seeing her husband’s dead body. There’s a lot for her to take in and it made sense why she didn’t just sit down in a corner to bawl her eyes out. She didn’t have the luxury to do so. Charlotte had no other choice but to do Warren’s bidding… for now.

With Lexy, Jake, and Devon finally telling Grant about Chucky, I hope Charlotte also comes on board and does what she can to help the teens. Also, she did see ghost James for a second (and it understandably scared her). So, I’m kind of wondering if the two will get to actually talk and if Charlotte gets some kind of closure regarding all the coverups she’s been a part of. If Charlotte gets to survive that is.

As for Old Man Chucky being able to use the nuclear codes to ready the missiles, I’m not sure how to feel about that entire sequence. It surely raised the stakes, but I couldn’t help but side-eye the logistics of it all. I mean, is it really that easy for the President of the United States to simply ask the Defense Command to launch nukes? Is there no contingency plan to ensure the President is in the right state of mind when ordering nukes to hit other countries? Hmmm.

Even though the humans were able to stop Old Doll Chucky from starting World War 3, he still managed to launch one missile at the North Pole. He was just being petty, wanting children to realize that there’s no more Santa Claus.

‘Panic Room’ did end with Old Doll Chucky turning into dust. He’s dead. But not really, because as we have seen during the current season, dying in the White House meant you got to stick around. So, yeah, get ready for the ghost of Charles Lee Ray, played by Brad Dourif, to continue wreaking havoc. I’m very excited!

With Lexy still searching for her sister’s whereabouts, I think we will get to see her and Charles interact soon enough.

Did you watch Chucky season 3 episode 6 ‘Panic Room’? What did you think?

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