The Loki Series May Be Pulling an Epic Trick on Us

Loki Series Mystery

The Loki series on Disney+ has led to much speculation in the fandom about how the timelines work and also the identity of certain characters, but the recent episode has confused and divided hardcore theorists who thought they had it all sorted.

Needless to say, this article contains spoilers for all aired episodes of the Loki series, as well as a discussion of interviews, promotional events and materials, and even some comic book details. The speculation isn’t guaranteed to be a spoiler, but if we’re right about these things, oops? We’re sorry for spoiling it with our theories. All that said, let’s lay it out and try to figure out what’s going on.

When I talk about ‘hardcore theorists who thought they had it all sorted,’ I’m most certainly including myself in that group. The day that the Loki series dropped there were all sorts of wonderful promotional materials, including a wonderful photoshoot from the live event. The actress Sophia di Martino was present at the photoshoot, but she’s not was listed anywhere with an actual character name. Regardless of the lack of title, she was being suspiciously treated with almost equal importance at the photoshoot alongside Tom Hiddleston. 

Loki Series
Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino at the Special Screening of Marvel Studios’ series LOKI on June 08, 2021, in London, England.

The secrecy around her character, combined with some pre-series chatter such as Hiddleston seeming to support the idea that Loki is genderfluid in the MCU, made me think I had stumbled across a big reveal ahead of it actually airing. I thought for sure this character was going to be what the fandom knows as ‘Lady Loki,’ (note: some in fandom want to move away from this monicker for genderfluid terminology reasons, so I’ll be referring to Hiddleston as ‘Loki A’ and Di Martino as ‘Loki B’). I frantically wrote this down in multiple private chats so that I could shout ‘I was right!’ when it was revealed. 

At the end of the second episode several people messaged me congratulating me on being correct with my theory, but honestly now… I’m not so sure. I might be right. Or I might not. Right now it seems that we are meant to think she is Loki B, but we could be getting tricked.

Let’s start off with the fact that Loki B is blond…

Loki Series

The moment I finally saw her face, I was less than convinced that I was correct with this theory. This seemed like an odd style choice given Loki B is almost identical to Loki A in the comics, including the black hair. But it didn’t take long for Twitter to potentially fill in this gap in my comic book knowledge. There’s another character who also has a green color scheme, a similarly shaped headpiece (albeit, a bit different), and wields powerful magic. Her name is Enchantress.

The cast list in the Spanish dub version seemed to confirm that her character was named ‘Sylvie,’ which is Enchantress’ real name.

There are other clues indicating that Loki B might not actually be a Loki Variant at all. Loki A is shocked at the horrible treatment he’s receiving from himself.

There’s also a moment in this scene where she seems uncomfortable being called “Loki” and asks Loki A to not call her that. This could just be her being uncomfortable with her past for some reason, though, so it’s possible it could mean absolutely nothing. That said, there’s more evidence that she’s not actually a Loki variant, mainly in relation to her use of magic. Her powers also line up with Enchantress better than they do with Loki, and Loki A seemed somewhat surprised to see this particular mind control trick in action.  

Loki, being the expert on magic that he is, recognizes what this bit of magic is called. It is, in fact, called ‘enchantment.’


Some still believe that Loki B is the same Loki from the comics, largely because of the missing horn on her headpiece.

But the headpiece is one bit of evidence stacked up against the blond hair, ‘enchantment’ powers, and odd behavior towards Loki. So okay, guys. Hold off on the congratulatory messages to me for being correct with my theory. It’s obviously Enchantress.

But wait! There’s more!

The name “Sylvie Laufeydottir” seems to be a combination of both the Enchantress’ real name (Sylvie) and the female Nordic naming convention ‘-dottir‘ (Laufeyson being the male version of the same name). It’s an odd detail that really throws all of our theories into question.

So who is Sophie di Martino’s character? Is she actually a Loki Variant? Or is she the Enchantress? Or did they somehow combine both characters? Or maybe she’s Loki’s sister? Or perhaps we’re all wrong and we’re going to be totally blindsided by the final answer to this mystery.

Do check out Khai’s review of the episode. And don’t forget to check back weekly for Loki series reviews from her for the rest of the season. We have a lot to figure out, so let’s chat about it!

Who do you think Sophie di Martino is playing in the Loki series? Let us know below!

Author: Angel Wilson

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