The Wheel of Time 2×07 Review: “Daes Dae’Mar”

"Daes Dae'Mar"
Rand (Josha Stradowski) in “Daes Dae’Mar.”

Moiraine and Siuan’s long-awaited reunion takes a despairing turn in “Daes Dae’Mar.”

Siuan’s (Sophie Okonedo) arrival at the end of “Eyes Without Pity” leads to a bittersweet reunion with Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) in “Daes Dae’Mar.” The anticipated moment begins promising, with a happy flashback of the two making plans to finish their time with the Aes Sedai before starting a life together as fishwives. The cute moment is interrupted when they are tasked with finding the Dragon Reborn. In the present, Siuan expresses concern about Moiraine’s loss of magic, but attention turns to Rand’s (Josha Stradowski) arrival at the tower soon after.

Siuan (Sophie Okonedo) is “Daes Dae’Mar.”

Siuan is unimpressed with the Dragon Reborn and easily overpowers him. She criticizes his lack of training in the months since his last battle and tells him that the Aes Sedai plan to hold him captive and use him as a weapon. Rand is understandably not thrilled with that plan, but not even Moiraine is able to change Siuan’s mind. Rand eventually calls out to Lanfear (Natasha O’Keeffe) to assist in his rescue, and she blazes through town to help him. Though Lanfear is eager to help Rand, it seems strange that Rand is continuing to ask for her help after everything he’s learned about her.

As Moiraine orchestrates a separate escape attempt for her and Rand, Lan (Daniel Henney) meets up with them and helps Moiraine figure out how to restore her power. The revelation that Moiraine was merely shielded from the one power is a relief, and it’s great to see her finally able to channel once more. Siuan’s attempt to stop their escape puts a damper on the moment, as she betrays Moiraine and uses Moiraine’s oaths against her to compel her to stop their escape attempt. It is Lanfear’s arrival and her attack on Siuan that allows the group to make their final escape.

Siuan’s betrayal causes conflicting emotions. It’s understandable that she has a higher obligation to the Aes Sedai and is right to be upset with Moiriaine for withholding information from her. However, she doesn’t know Rand like Moiraine does and it’s devastating that she isn’t able to trust Moiraine’s judgment after their decades of knowing each other and their love for each other. Though the two may be able to overcome this fight, it likely won’t be easy to come back from.

Meanwhile, Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) tasks another associate of the Dark One, Moiraine’s nephew Barthanes (Will Tudor) with getting rid of Moiraine. The reveal is genuinely surprising as Barthanes seemed like a kind person who seemed relatively unimportant to the plot. Thankfully, Moiraine’s sister Anvaere (Lindsay Duncan) overhears her son plotting with Liandrin and locks him up before he has a chance to set his plan in motion. Despite the tension with Moiraine over the last few episodes, Anvaere’s support of Moiraine is a satisfying moment.

Though Egwene (Madeleine Madden) is still in captivity, she begins to regain her spirit in her ordeal with the Seanchan. After being forced to display her power for the other Seanchan, she promises captor Renna (Xelia Mendes-Jones) that she will kill her. After watching Egwene’s previous struggle and Renna’s clear enjoyment of the torture, her threat to Renna is a highlight. Thankfully, Nynaeve (Zoe Robins) and Elayne (Ceara Coveney) are on the verge of putting their rescue plan in motion. With Rand, Moiraine, Lan, and Lanfear also heading towards her, it will be exciting to see Egwene finally triumph over the Seanchan.

Mat (Donal Finn) also finds himself in the same city as the others when Lanfear kidnaps him. Ishamael (Fares Fares) tempts him with a tea that helps him see visions of past lives. Mat asking him if this was a sex or a murder thing is one of the episode’s more humorous moments and it will be interesting to see what will come of his visions.

With Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) and his new friend Aviendha (Ayoola Smart) also on their own journey, “Daes Dae’Mar” sets the stage for a potentially exciting finale filled with anticipated reunions, thrilling action, and perhaps a couple of twists to set up the already renewed third season.

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