What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

01It’s the time of year perfect for curling up under a big blanket with a warm drink (and maybe a warm body) to watch some pants-poopingly scary stuff.

What follows is a list of 100 scary movies randomly chosen by the Geekiary staff.  It’s no where near an exhaustive list, so if your favorite isn’t on there you can add it in on the bottom.

Let’s try and really suss out just what is the best scary movie of all time!

Poll ends October 30th 11:55pm EST.  Vote for up to 5 at a time!

(listed alphabetically)


Author: Lady Malchav

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9 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

    1. That would be relevant…in the Horror TV Show poll…this is movies, and left I check Supernatural isn’t a movie

    1. Sure. Think about it for a minute. A young woman, ripped away from her life by a tornado, chased across a strange land by a Vendictive Wicked Witch because the house accidentally landed on the witch’s sister and killed her…never knowing if she’ll get home… only to find that the only way to do so is to defeat said Witch who is powerful and scary… and has flying monkeys.

      I will say that when you are young, and she appears on screen for the first time, it’s rather terrifying.
      Also Flying Monkey’s…

      “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!” Why go after Toto? Why?!!!

      Did I emphasise the Flying Monkey’s enough… cause yeah… Monkey’s are mean and fling poo!… the only way that it could be scarier is Flying Sharks. Thank god there weren’t flying sharks!

      Princess Audrii

      1. WORD TO THAT. It seems harmless when you see it as a kid, but once you’re old enough to grasp the dark undertones of it…damn straight it’s scary. It reminds me of fairy tales or the nursery rhymes and such we learned as kids and sang, only to find out years later that they are rooted in REALLY twisted truths and dark, grim stories. Like the day you find out that while you were singing “Ring Around the Rosies” and spinning around a shrub.bush, everyone holding hands, you were actually singing about freaking covering the smell of burning bodies during the plague. Can’t unhear those things.


      2. Oh my gosh, flying sharks…you should send that into Syfy for the next so-bad-it’s-AWESOME shark movie. Haha I love it! Yeah, the sharks were “flying” in Sharknado, but not willingly XD oh man I love those movies.


    2. It scared my sister so much, she wouldn’t let her kids watch it until they were about eight, so they wouldn’t get nightmares.

  1. Hahaha I’m both confused and amused to be scrolling through a long list, all of which definitely qualify as scary films, and then “Showgirls” pops out…I’ll admit, it was bad enough to be scary hahaha


  2. HAD to vote for the original version of Funny Games (although both are great)…that film is scary in a way that disturbs you deep down, because there’s the knowledge that it could happen to anyone, and wouldn’t even be a stretch. That’s the kind of thing that can still scare me, the realistic idea of a situation, at the mercy of the whims of deranged, violent minds, knowing you won’t escape and you won’t die quickly, and your horror and anguish is a frivolous game of amusement for your assailants. That’s far more terrifying than any ghost story.

    With that said, The Exorcist (another I voted for) isn’t just iconic, with filmography beyond it’s time…but having gone through some very disturbing experiences myself, the idea of being at the mercy of a demonic force, let alone possession, is very much a terrifying concept to me. Even though this film goes far beyond what a genuine possession would be, it retains some basic realities. It might be that, in our current time of skepticism and SFX far more believable that shown in this film, one would have to have experienced demonic activity, be very well read on true accounts of possessions and/or demonic activity, believe that it CAN happen, or any combination/all of the above, to be really unnerved by this film. Either way, it’s a, iconic classic and I don’t see that changing.

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