Wynonna Earp 2×4 Review: She Ain’t Right

She ain't right

The “she” in “She Ain’t Right” is, of course, Waverly. Everyone from Wynonna to Waverly herself has realized something is seriously wrong with the youngest Earp sister, and it feels like time is running out to do something about it.

The opening holds us in suspense over Dolls’ fate for a delicious few minutes. Ultimately, we realize that demon!Waverly is more interested in shiny things than murder. That’s a plus… right? So far she hasn’t been more than carelessly violent.

She Ain't RightLucado’s campaign to get back in Black Badge’s good graces is still going strong in “She Ain’t Right”. After an agent is murdered over a mysterious briefcase, she ropes Waverly into a “low stakes” retrieval mission. Surprise surprise, the easy mission is anything but. Waverly ends up doing an impromptu stage debut to maintain her cover. I’ll overlook the obvious problem with this scenario (Who goes to a cabaret in the afternoon? Where is the real singer?) because Dominique Provost-Chalkley has some lungs on her. Is it too much to hope for a full musical episode at some point?

Wynonna puts her big girl panties on and apologizes to Nicole. They’re both now worried about Waverly, especially after discovering she’s been stealing cutlery. More importantly, she had Dolls’ dog tags. Wynonna realizes what that must mean and races back to her barn in time to knock some calm into Dolls. (She has to haul him over to the bar herself, too. Awesome.)

Faced with the prospect of Dolls in serious withdrawal, Wynonna caves and brings Jeremy in on the reverse-engineering operation. I’m hoping he isn’t secretly a Black Badge loyalist. He would really fill in the science gaps in Team Earp.

As we guessed when Waverly’s flirtation back in the season premiere made him uncomfortable, Jeremy is not into women. I have to give Wynonna Earp credit for having queer characters without making “being gay” their defining characteristic. It’s not even their B plot. Seriously, look:

-Waverly is probably being possessed and is still troubled by whether she is, in fact, an Earp by blood.

-Nicole is struggling to find a balance between righteously upholding the law and the necessary blind eye towards supernatural shenanigans. Also, she’s got that beef with the Tuckers brewing.

-Jeremy wants to be accepted by Team Earp, but we’re also wondering whether he’s trying to get away from Black Badge or prove himself worthy of a better assignment.

Look at all those storylines that don’t focus on how being gay makes their lives hard! I don’t even know what to do with myself. (Also, it’s a little annoying that this is so refreshing. It should be common.)

she ain't rightJeremy lets Wynonna know where her sister is, and of course she rushes to the rescue with no plan. Both Earps wind up tied to chairs – and left alone long enough to call for help. This bad guy is as ridiculous as he is hand-thirsty.

I’m not even mad at the Villain of the Week, though, because it gives the Earps time to clear the air. Waverly knows something’s wrong with her. She admits as much to Wynonna, though in true Earp fashion they agree to keep it quiet. Even when Waverly regrows an ENTIRE HAND, they let it go rather than share the secret with Doc. I’m sure this won’t come back to haunt them.

Dolls is back with a nifty new breath weapon. Very cool. What are the odds he gets to keep it when he’s on his regular dosage? It would come in handy.

The final scene of “She Ain’t Right” is killer. When I saw Peacemaker burn Wy’s hand I felt sick. She has some serious self-worth issues. How is she supposed to handle being possessed as an “easier target”? Hopefully Waverly has some inside information on how to stop whatever it is before it does too much damage.

She Ain't RightLast thoughts:

  • Baby Tucker is going to be a serious problem, people.
  • Hey, Doc got a new hat!
  • Watching Lucado get punched is my happy place.
  • “Something is coming.” “Winter? Yeah, I got the memo.” Priceless.
  • With Wynonna out of action will Peacemaker work for Waverly?

What did you guys think about “She Ain’t Right”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Author: Khai

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