What Are the Odds for Yuri on Ice Season Two?

The chances for Yuri on Ice season two are very high, but not yet guaranteed.  Here’s what we know so far.

In order to get a Yuri on Ice season two, we need two things to happen.  First, the creators need to be willing to give us more story.  Second,  the sales need to be good.  And friends, both of these are happening in spades.  Let’s break this down:

Kubo wants a Yuri on Ice season two.

In a recent interview in Spoon 21, Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Katsuki Yuuri) stated that “Kubo already has some ideas for new content.”  In another interview she stated she “wished to do a sequel.”  She’s clearly not done, guys.  She’s just as hopeful as we are, it seems.

She has tons of possibilities for where to go with this story.  Technically the skating season doesn’t end with the Grand Prix Final.  There’s still Nationals, European Championships, the Four Continents, and Worlds.  Or she could skip to next season’s Grand Prix series.  Or she could jump to the Olympics (Worlds 2017 is a qualifier for the 2018 Olympics).  And Victor has asked Yuuri to keep on skating beyond this season anyway, so we can skip ahead if we want to.  So basically, Kubo wants to, and there’s a ton of places to go from here.  Seems pretty straight forward to me.

The sales are OFF THE CHARTS.

In the first week of sales, Yuri on Ice has sold more than the next four titles combined.  Take a look at these figures for how many units series usually sell.  Anything above 5,000 is generally considered a success.  But Yuri on Ice has sold over 56,000 units in its first week.  That’s way more than just a ‘success.’ That’s unprecedented for an anime that features a same sex romantic pairing at the forefront, and exceptional for any anime period.  The well received 2014 BL show Love Stage!! only sold a little over 1,000 units.  That alone is why that show only had one season.  It just didn’t sell well despite glowing reviews online.  Yuri on Ice, however, is selling better than anything else on the market right now by an enormous margin.

We’re probably getting Yuri on Ice season two.

The creator is willing and the sales are astonishingly good.  At this point I’d be extremely surprised if we didn’t get another season or even an OVA series.  This show is making history.

Author: Angel Wilson

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6 thoughts on “What Are the Odds for Yuri on Ice Season Two?

  1. I really do hope so. I absolutely love Yuri on Ice and need more of Yuri Plisetsky in my life xx i want to see how Yuri’s and Otabek’s friendships flourishes.

  2. It’s not impossible. Not with the popularity it has worldwide, people are gonna be expecting for more.

  3. Wow I was so glad about how successful Yuri is, and to know about a possible season 2…there’s even Yuri’s new merchandising on Amazon (like t-shirts or messenger bags), who knew so cool! ^_^

    I want to support the show spreading the word among my friends (and skate lovers), and in fact I wanted also to buy the dvds you were referring to, but for the moment I couldn’t find them…perhaps they’ve been released just in Japan? Bye

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