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  • Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #23 Review

    Spider-Man vs. Deadpool issue #23 is full of action, humor, and all the pop-culture references one would expect from a Spider-Man and Deadpool comic. The banter is fun and the story easily keeps your interest.  I’m glad to see this series continue on under Silk writer, Robbie Thompson. Read our before commenting. Please do not […]

  • Spider-Gwen Volume 4 Review: Predators

    I’ve been reading the Spider-Gwen volumes for nearly two years now, and with fourth volume, Predators, I finally feel like the story is progressing for the first time since Volume 0. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these comics – if I didn’t, I wouldn’t read them anymore (I’m looking at you, Walking Dead comics). […]

  • “The Surgeon” Is a Timely Update to the Post-Apocalyptic Trend

    There are a lot of post-apocalyptic comics out there, but The Surgeon somehow manages to feel fresh. The newest project from Unlikely Heroes Studios has a sense of reality to it, like things could actually happen this way. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, though. The appealing mix of rich characters, low-key social commentary and fun, pseudo-Western […]