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  • OMG! Check Please Kickstarter Explodes Right Out of the Gate

    Check, Please! creator Ngozi Ukazu has launched the comic’s second Kickstarter, to make physical copies of the comics comprising Bitty’s sophomore year at Samwell. In less than an hour, the Check, Please! Kickstarter has made more than double its goal. - **Read our policies before commenting.** Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and […]

  • Check, Please! These Hockey Bros Have Stolen My Heart

    If you’re looking for a web comic with queer main characters and diversity that deconstructs stereotypes and offers a realistic portrayal of mental illness, look no further than Check, Please! – the little gay hockey comic that could. As is the case with many of my obsessions, it started out with an influx of posts on […]

  • Queer Fantasy and Science Fiction Webcomic Recommendations

    I like webcomics. For their creators, who often aren’t seen as publishable by mainstream comic presses, they offer access to an audience without having to compromise their aesthetic or goals. Audiences get the benefit of accessing them for free, though I would encourage fans to offer donations whenever possible. There are a few downsides. Updates can be be […]

  • The Comics of Emily Carroll

    A couple who has lost their daughter grows distant, the husband taking longer and longer to come home from work every day, until he stops coming at all.  His wife, looking for him, sees strange figures moving in the trees across the river.  He finally comes home, but is he still the same man? Two […]

  • The Internet is for Representation: Queer Heroes of Webcomics

    There’s a hard fact of life that every shipper must face: besides a few glorious exceptions, our queer interpretations of characters in mainstream media are unlikely to ever become canon. For every Willow Rosenberg and Ianto Jones, there are hundreds of Jim Kirks and Dean Winchesters – characters who are often coded as queer and […]