Finalist Paige Mobley Shares What Fans Can Expect From ANTM Cycle 23!

Paige Mobley ANTM Cycle 23 America's Next Top Model finalist

With America’s Next Top Model debuting Cycle 23 in less than a week, check out our interview with the multi-talented Paige Mobley, one of the ANTM finalists!

While we don’t cover America’s Next Top Model, we do know about all the positive queer representation the show has helped propel on numerous TV screens. Also, it happens to be a show I have been watching for years. A lot of the participants have gone on to do great things. Furthermore, supermodel Tyra Banks, along with the rest of her crew, serve as inspirations to many young girls and boys, and that is always a good thing.

I got a chance to interview Paige Mobley, one of the finalists for ANTM Cycle 23. Read on to know more about her and what fans can expect from the upcoming cycle!

You are a very talented young individual, with acting, modeling, and hosting credits under your belt. What came first for you?

I started off as a strict competitive dancer throughout childhood, which ultimately led me to acting. My father, Paul Mobley, is a celebrity portrait photographer. So naturally I was surrounded by modeling my entire life. Regardless of experience and upbringing, I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

Who are your inspirations in life?

My father is an incredibly driven and passionate artist. He’s one of my biggest inspirations because he is living proof that art is not only a lucrative career but a fulfilling one as well.

How did America’s Next Top Model happen for you? Were you a fan of the previous seasons?

I’ve been watching ANTM for years! I used to fake being sick occasionally so I could stay home from school and watch marathon reruns of the show! My journey began 2 years ago when I was scouted for cycle 22. I went through a long application process before ultimately finding out I was not selected for the show. As if I couldn’t feel more defeated, the news breaks that ANTM is ending and the show has been canceled!

Fast forward a year and the announcement is made that ANTM has been picked up by VH1! Just like that, I was contacted once more by casting and finally made it on the show!

This season is being hosted by Rita Ora. What can you tell us about her being the host? How different is she from Tyra Banks?

Rita has such a fun, exciting energy about her! She’s so enthusiastic and I think the audience is going to love her. She respects where ANTM has been and she’s really excited about where the franchise is going.

Paige Mobley ANTM Cycle 23What can fans expect from this season of ANTM?

I think fans are going to love the incredible celebrity appearances! Stars such as DJ Khaled, Jason Derulo, Chanel Iman and so many more stop by to help guide the models to success! Plus the classic ANTM moments and kick-ass new panel!

What is it like being in such a competitive environment for weeks during ANTM? Care to share what you learned from it? 

It is definitely a challenging experience. It pushes your boundaries! However, I’m incredibly lucky that I got to experience it all with 13 other amazing girls. Their companionship made it much easier for me!

Some people still have a lot of negative opinions about the fashion industry, with the female body being used to sell products, etc. However, a lot of people think it is empowering for women. What is your opinion? How do you relate to fashion, modeling, etc. empowering oneself?

I think that fashion is a way to express your personality, visually. I was raised in an environment where modeling was viewed as an art form. However, I understand the frustration people have with the modeling industry and its relationship with body image. It has come a long way but still has quite a ways to go.

Where do you see yourself as a person, and even career wise, in ten years?

I see myself working in the entertainment industry, becoming a teacher and having a family!

Is there anything or anyone you like to fangirl over?

I’m probably THE biggest Dance Moms fan over the age of 18! I also love Kylie Jenner, but so does everyone!


Paige Mobley does come across as someone who has what it takes to win ANTM Cycle 23. I wish her all the luck!

You can keep up with Paige by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

American’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 will debut on 12th December, 2016, on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET.

Rita Ora is taking over Tyra Bank’s role as the head judge. The rest of the judging panel includes successful plus-size model Ashley Graham, the chief creative officer at Paper magazine Drew Elliott, and celebrity stylist Law Roach.

Are you a fan of America’s Next Top Model? Are you looking forward to Cycle 23? What do you think of Paige Mobley? Let us know!

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