ARK Park PSVR Retail Discs Available in North America, Europe, and Australia

ARK Park retail disc release

ARK Park, the dinosaur-themed multiplayer online adventure developed and published by Snail Games, is now available as a physical disc (Standard Edition) for the first time in North America, Europe, and Australia!

Built from the ground up as a VR title, ARK Park takes advantage of the world of Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved to deliver a stunning virtual reality experience to PSVR owners worldwide.

Based on the foundation laid by ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK Park “makes the most of the game’s massive prehistoric world – filling it with awe-inspiring dinosaurs, ancient creatures, and detailed environments that include tropical rainforests, grasslands, and mountain creeks.”

Take note, players who own ARK Park will get to enjoy the “Pterosaur Hill” DLC for free. This DLC introduced the Crystal Sky, Mountain Lake, and Aviary maps.

ARK Park’s “state-of-the-art VR tech” makes it easier for players to explore the game’s virtual world with lots of visual, audio, and haptic feedback. The game “leverages both Wwise’s ambisonics and VisiSonics’ RealSpace 3D Audio technology to capture extremely realistic ambient sounds that take immersion to its limits. Real-world scenes were accurately captured when building each environment – including trees, vegetation, rocks and terrain textures. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, this blend of real-life imagery and editable 3D assets allow the game to closely match reality – delivering some of the most natural-looking, refined VR visuals available today.”

Along with enjoying realistic prehistoric environments, ARK Park also provides players with “fun, interactive multiplayer gameplay featuring exploration, collecting – and first-person combat in the action stages.”

When you first enter the park, you will be led to the lobby by the robot Joey, who introduces the game’s many systems including breeding and taming dinosaurs! Then, as a nearby Brainwave Tower suddenly goes offline, you will need to help Joey defend the park from wave after wave of rampaging dinosaurs and “securing some breathing room” to repair the tower.

ARK Park was released this March. It went on to become “the third best-selling PSVR title in Japan, which prompted Snail Games to move forward with a physical release after repeated requests from the Japanese community. Also, ARK Park sold out in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.”

The retail version of ARK Park PSVR (Standard Edition) is priced at $39.99/$49.99 CAD/£44.99/€39.99/$69.99 AUD.

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