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  • Gotham 1×16 Review: The Blind Fortune Teller

    Did Gotham just tell The Joker’s origin story this week? Well, I’m not sure, but I have to say that I enjoyed the episode. Not because of the ‘could-be-The-Joker’ Jerome, but due to Fish Mooney’s slow rise to regaining power, and Baby Bruce taking charge of his family’s company. Setting the plot of “The Blind […]

  • Dear Geekiary: What do you think of NaruHina and NaruSaku?

    “You guys covered a lot of Naruto manga. Now that it’s over, there’s a lot of fighting over NaruSaku and NaruHina. Where do you stand on the pairing? And why don’t you guys not reviewing Naruto anime?” Anonymous   Spoiler Alert: The article contains spoilers for people who haven’t read the Naruto manga finale yet! […]

  • Thor # 5 Review: Behold, A New Age of Thunder

    Was it just me or did Thor #5 feel like Marvel’s way of saying a big ‘We-don’t-care’ to all the people who don’t like the new Goddess of Thunder? Other than the fact that no one knows about the new hero’s identity, nothing much happened in the issue and I hope that changes soon. After […]

  • Getting to Know Children’s Author Sharon Straka Hendricks!

    Today I have author of the children’s book Mike and the Deaf Student, Sharon Straka Hendricks with me. Check out our exclusive interview with the author where we talk about how she tackled the issue of bullying in her story, writing Harry Potter fanfic, and more! Tell us a bit about yourself. I am 42 […]

  • Trying to “Save Him” with author Rex Roy!

    Today I have author and dental surgeon Rex Roy with me. He’s the author of “Save Him” a story that deals with drug addiction. Check out our exclusive interview with the author where we talk about his passion for writing, the social evils he wants to help readers overcome through his stories, and more!   […]

  • Ms. Marvel #11 Review: Generation Why, Part 4

    This month’s issue of Ms. Marvel brought the four-part arc, “Generation Why” to a close and showed Kamala Khan realizing that she can’t defeat every bad guy alone. Kamala’s leadership is infectious and inspiring so I’m looking forward to seeing how this new superhero affects the Marvel Universe in the future. Writer G. Willow Wilson […]

  • Gotham 1×14 Review: The Fearsome Dr. Crane

    This week’s episode of Gotham focused on the origins of the villain Scarecrow and featured romance between some of the characters. It also had some funny moments which I liked and I have to say that I found “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” to be one of the better episodes this season. As the title of […]

  • “The Last: Naruto the Movie” Review

    When I first started watching “The Last: Naruto the Movie” I didn’t expect a romance to be one of the best in the Naruto movie franchise. The latest offering is a love story at heart and that’s what makes it great! The following review contains spoilers so you have been warned! Shannaro!!! “The Last: Naruto the […]

  • Get to know “New Mercies” author Julia Colquitt Allen!

    I spoke with Julia Colquitt Allen author of  “New Mercies”. In our exclusive interview with she talks about her inner geek, her doctoral studies, her book, and more! Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a bit on the quirky side. I’m a little geeky; in fact, “The Big Bang Theory” is one of my favorite television […]

  • Thor # 4 Review: Thor vs. Thor

    The thing I had been dreading ever since Thor #1 happened this week and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I started reading the series because I thought it was Mama Thor who was kicking Frost Giant butt and it was fun seeing her holding Mjölnir and interacting with it. However, the story […]