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  • Getting to Know the ‘Inedible’ Author M.G. Nelson!

    Today I have author M.G. Nelson with me. She’s the author of ‘Inedible’ which is full of suspense and thrills. Check out our exclusive interview with the author, where we get to know a bit about her life on a farm, her inspiration, and more!   Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you […]

  • Gotham 1×18 Review: Everyone Has a Cobblepot

    This week’s episode of Gotham “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” was thoroughly enjoyable, largely because of Jim Gordon’s willingness to use darker means to take down bad people. It also had some wonderful scenes featuring Penguin. So, let’s get to it! I’ve been vocal about my growing disinterest in Gordon’s ‘crime-of-the-week’ storylines, and though I still […]

  • Naruto Shippuden 18×401 Review: The Ultimate

    The Naruto Shipudden anime is currently running a filler arc. Even though I’m not a fan of Naruto filler, especially of ones done in the middle of the canon Ninja World War, I have to admit I’m enjoying them immensely. This week’s episode, “The Ultimate”, was all about Rock Lee and had an awesome taijutsu […]

  • Gotham 1×17 Review: Red Hood

    While this week’s episode of Gotham was about the Red Hood Gang personally I found the other storylines more interesting. Fish Mooney surprised me and we got a bit more development regarding the Wayne murder case. I liked how the writers handled the red hood as a ‘cursed’ object. A lot of people wore the […]

  • Kicking Zombie Butt with author F.A. Tallahassee!

    Today I have F.A. Tallahassee with me, the author of “Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass”. Under his pen name he’s adopted the persona of a Bigfoot-type character who lives in the Florida swamps. So, check out the interview questions he’s answered in that vein and get to know more about him and his work! Tell […]

  • Ms. Marvel #12 Review: Loki In Love

    Ms. Marvel #12 was pretty much Valentine’s Day filler, and it would’ve been a very bad excuse to introduce Loki if not for G. Willow Wilson’s entertaining writing style and the humorous art by Takeshi Miyazawa. It’s fun to see heroes sit back and deal with their relationships, rather than go after villains in every issue […]

  • Storm #8 Review: Clearing the Storm!

    Ever since the debut of Storm, plot threads have been moving forward to one big climax for Ororo Monroe, and Issue #8 showed the Weather Goddess facing the consequences of her decisions. Storm learned a lot through her ordeals and I’m excited to see where she goes from here. After being framed by a senator […]