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  • “Soothernatural” Fun Post Supernatural Finale Rewatch

    Supernatural finales are always traumatic so we’re probably going to need something to lift our spirits after this one.  Well, you voted, and now we’re having a post finale “Soothernatural” rewatch to heal our pain.  We compiled a list of the funnest episodes and these five were the most popular. Our rewatch will start on […]

  • Orphan Black 2×05 Review: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

    This week’s episode of Orphan Black revealed a lot about the history of DYAD and the inner workings of their politics.  There’s an odd power structure within the organisation filled with secrets, power plays, and divided loyalty.  Now that so many clones are self aware, the organization is teetering on the edge.  It’s like a […]

  • Hannibal 2×12 Review: Tomewan

    This episode managed to up the gross factor yet again.  How this show manages to do that on a weekly basis, I’m not entirely sure.  How they manage to get this massive amount of gore on an American TV network is even more impressive.  But beyond the gore, this episode has put many plot elements […]

  • Supernatural Pre-finale Roundtable Discussion

    This Supernatural pre-finale roundtable features Geekiary administer Angel, frequent contributor Emily (blog), and special guest blogger Dot (blog).  We dive into some of the questions regarding themes from the seasons, thoughts about the finale, and what we hope to see in season 10.   Question 1) What are your predictions for the finale? Emily: I think we’ve […]

  • Supernatural news from the CW Upfronts

      Supernatural Spinoff Today at the CW Upfront network President Mark Pedowitz revealed that they’re going to try to make a Supernatural spin off again this year.  Bloodlines was poorly received when it aired its backdoor pilot during Supernatural‘s regular timeslot, but it’s clear the network hasn’t given up hope on the idea.  Bloodlines “didn’t […]

  • Supernatural 9×22 Review: Stairway to Heaven

    This episode seemed to be a litmus test for fans.  If you enjoy the angels and Castiel, you most likely enjoyed the episode.  If you hate Castiel and the angel plot, you were probably extremely angry by it all and (if the mentions to the writers on Twitter are any indication) probably swearing off the […]

  • Orphan Black 2×4 Review: Governed As It Were By Chance

    This episode was very Sarah focused with a heavy side helping of Helena.  We didn’t see too much from either Alison or Cosima, but we did get enough to know that their individual plots are moving forward.  While both Alison and Cosima are dealing with their own life struggles, both Sarah and Helena are dealing […]

  • Hannibal 2×11 Review: Kō No Mono

    Last week Will voluntarily ate a person.  We were led to believe that person was Freddie Lounds, though many theorized that might not be the case.  Regardless of the outcome the point is he knowingly resorted to cannibalism.  That’s a road that’s hard to come back from and Will’s character is changed in our eyes […]

  • Hannibal Renewed, Castiel is Back, Other Shows Not So Lucky

      Two of the biggest campaigns we’ve been seeing in our little corner of fandom has been for Misha Collins to return for season 10 of Supernatural and for Hannibal to be renewed for a third season.  News that both of these fandom wishes have been granted got released within a few minutes of each […]

  • Supernatural 9×21 Review: King of the Damned

    I enjoyed the majority of this episode, but there were a few moments that made me extremely conflicted and occasionally downright upset. It’s Supernatural, after all, so upsetting us is par for the course, but it’s sad when an episode that could have easily been one of my favorites gets knocked down a few pegs […]