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  • Yaoi Recommendations (Part 2) – More Non-explicit Series

    I’m going to be posting recommendations in groups of three in clusters that share similar themes or ratings. This second group is all non-explicit series, which can be categorized as “boys love” (BL) or shonen-ai as opposed to explicit yaoi with mature content.  These particular selections are also grouped together because they all involve magical […]

  • Yaoi Recommendations (Part 1) – Non-explicit Series

    Welcome to our new Yaoi Recommendations series.  After having been absent from the anime and manga fandom for the better part of a decade, my desire for canon queer characters led me back to yaoi/shonen-ai and, to a lesser extent, yuri/shoujo-ai.  My current media just wasn’t cutting it so I dove back into the fandom […]

  • GISHWHES Is Coming: Stock Up On Kale

    GISHWHES starts August 2nd this year.  Time to stock up on Kale, buy discount feminine hygiene product in bulk, and prepare to convince your clergy friends to do some ridiculous things.  The Elopus is ready to lift our spirits and we’re all waiting for words of wisdom from Miss Jean Louise. Okay, I might be […]

  • Will ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Pass the Bechdel Test?

    As a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’m extremely excited for Guardians of the Galaxy to come out this August. I’ve latched onto the character Gamora, played by the always incredible Zoe Saldana, and I’m very excited to see Karen Gillian play Nebula as well. As the release date draws closer I can’t help […]

  • Recommendation: Carnivale

    “Before the beginning, after the great war between Heaven and Hell, God created the Earth and gave dominion over it to the crafty ape he called man. And to each generation was born a creature of light and a creature of darkness. And great armies clashed by night in the ancient war between good and […]

  • Orphan Black 2×08 Review: Variable and Full of Perturbation

    This episode was my absolute favorite episode of the season for one reason: Tony.   This show is unique in many ways.  It has a predominately female cast and several queer characters as part of the primary ensemble.  Orphan Black keeps pushing further in the realm of representation and has now introduced a transgender clone. There’s […]

  • Game of Thrones 4×09 Review: The Watchers on the Wall

    Unlike the majority of Game of Thrones episodes, which usually bounce back and forth between many characters, settings, and plot lines, The Watchers on the Wall focused on one single event. After three seasons we’ve picked up the pattern that the 9th episode of each season has a huge impact on the narrative, and considering […]