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  • Orphan Black 2×4 Review: Governed As It Were By Chance

    This episode was very Sarah focused with a heavy side helping of Helena.  We didn’t see too much from either Alison or Cosima, but we did get enough to know that their individual plots are moving forward.  While both Alison and Cosima are dealing with their own life struggles, both Sarah and Helena are dealing […]

  • Hannibal 2×11 Review: Kō No Mono

    Last week Will voluntarily ate a person.  We were led to believe that person was Freddie Lounds, though many theorized that might not be the case.  Regardless of the outcome the point is he knowingly resorted to cannibalism.  That’s a road that’s hard to come back from and Will’s character is changed in our eyes […]

  • Hannibal Renewed, Castiel is Back, Other Shows Not So Lucky

      Two of the biggest campaigns we’ve been seeing in our little corner of fandom has been for Misha Collins to return for season 10 of Supernatural and for Hannibal to be renewed for a third season.  News that both of these fandom wishes have been granted got released within a few minutes of each […]

  • Supernatural 9×21 Review: King of the Damned

    I enjoyed the majority of this episode, but there were a few moments that made me extremely conflicted and occasionally downright upset. It’s Supernatural, after all, so upsetting us is par for the course, but it’s sad when an episode that could have easily been one of my favorites gets knocked down a few pegs […]

  • Demographics Survey

    We want to know who you are, how you found us, and what you want to see us do here at the Geekiary.  Please take a couple of minutes to take this 10 questions survey so that we can bring you more of the content that you enjoy! View Survey -Read our before commenting. Do […]

  • Game of Thrones 4×05 Review: First of His Name

    I need to confess that with the ramped up sexual violence in the last few episodes, my enthusiasm for the show has waned quite a bit.  This week that ongoing theme only expressed itself as the threat of sexual violence, and not an outright display of it, which I suppose is a small blessing.  I […]

  • TSA America: Live with Misha Collins from DC Con

    I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the live streaming event from Salute to Supernatural: Washington DC and get a glimpse at a new series of hilarious shorts by Supernatural‘s Misha Collins.  The series is co-written by Misha and his spouse, Vicki Vantoch, and friend Colin Ferguson, and Misha stars in both […]

  • Orphan Black 2×3 Review: Mingling Its Own Nature With It

    It’s getting hard out there for the clones.  There are no less than three distinct groups after them at the moment.  You have the usual law enforcement, which is oddly the least threatening group of them all.  Then you have the freakish cult that is far too obsessed with fertility and biology that’s sending Helena’s […]

  • POLL: Supernatural Post Finale Rewatch – “Soothernatural”

    The Supernatural finale is upon us and if previous finales are any indicator we’re all going to need some recovery time.  If you want something to help lift your spirits after the finale we’ve got a solution for you! We here at The Geekiary have collaborated with our friends at ProfoundBondInc to pick  out some […]

  • Favorite Mid Season Show Poll: RESULTS

    CONGRATULATIONS CLONE CLUB This has been one of our favorite polls so far.  Both Fannibal and Clone Club have proven to be hilarious and pleasant fandoms.  When most polls devolve into arguments and name calling, the most intense battle in our comments section was about puppies (Delphine has been dubbed a puppy by fandom, but […]