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  • The Geekiary’s Fall TV Schedule!

      The Fall TV season is about to begin! We’d like to let you know what we plan on watching and what type of coverage you should expect. New Shows It should come as no surprise that all of the new shows we’re looking forward to this season are comic book related .  It’s definitely […]

  • ‘Teen Wolf’ Bloggers and PR Confusion

    A large portion of the Teen Wolf fandom has been growing increasingly critical of the show lately and many fandom news outlets such as The Daily Dot, Fangirlish, and even us have begun to point out things that have been upsetting to many fans. This is a common occurrence with many popular shows, especially those […]

  • Yaoi Recommendations (Part 4) – Young Romance Anime & Manga

    Each of my Yaoi recommendations are placed in groups of three in clusters that share similar themes or ratings. This fourth grouping all revolve around the theme of “young romance.” Love Stage!! (Anime & Manga) I’ve been reviewing the anime on a weekly basis since the show first premiered and I managed to blow through the […]

  • Love Stage 1×10 Review: Love Isn’t Enough

    My first instinct when reviewing this episode is to just scream “PRECIOUS BABIES” in caps lock for several paragraphs and leave it at that.  It’d sum up my feelings pretty well, but alas, I do want to dive a little further into the episode.  It pretty much had everything I was hoping to get out […]

  • Doctor Who 8×3 Review: Robot of Sherwood

    I’ve always enjoyed Mark Gatiss’s writing and I found this episode overall enjoyable, but this episode felt mostly like fluffy filler than anything serious.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Filler episodes can sometimes be some of the best, but with two relatively weak opening episodes it would have been nice to have a more […]

  • Time to Start Planning for San Diego Comic-Con

    It feels like the convention was only yesterday.  Well, it almost was, actually.  Only six weeks have passed and we’re already gearing up for Comic-Con: San Diego 2015.  We didn’t even make it two months, guys.  For those of you who plan on attending the convention, it’s time to start planning. Next year’s convention will take […]

  • M/M Media Survey

    We’re conducting a survey to learn about the demographics and motivations behind Male/Male media consumption.  Many of the articles on this website pertain to this subject and many of our readers and writers are active participants or viewers of this type of media. Once we’ve hit a large enough sampling or an extended period of […]

  • Love Stage!! 1×9 Review: Which Way Is Right?

    Have you ever wanted to grab two characters, bop their heads together, and scream: “You two are in love each other!” at them until they got the point? That was basically how I felt throughout this entire episode. It’s pretty clear at this point that the love is going both ways between Izumi and Ryouma, […]

  • Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai Review

    Yokozawa Takafui no Baai is based off the series of light novels that are related to the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi manga (I recommended the SekaKoi anime in my first Yaoi Recommendation series here).  It takes a character  in SekaKoi  whom I was originally didn’t like for his somewhat antagonistic nature towards the protagonist and makes him into […]