Jeremy Davies is Jesus in ‘American Gods’

Jeremy Davies is Jesus

It looks like American Gods has cast another deity.  This time Jeremy Davies is Jesus in the upcoming STARZ series.

American Gods has been knocking it out of the park with their casting.  We’ve got Orlando Jones, Gillian Anderson, Emily Browning, Ian McShane, and Ricky Whittle.  Holy crap, guys, look at that cast.  But they aren’t done dropping casting news yet because Jeremy Davies is Jesus now.  Those of us in geek circles may remember him as Daniel Faraday from Lost, Peter Bernardone on Hannibal, and Malcolm Dreyfuss on Sleepy Hollow, but he’s got quite the resume under his belt beyond our genre TV favs.  He was also Timothy E. Upham in Saving Private Ryan and Dickie Bennett from Justified, the latter of which he won an Emmy for in 2012.  The True Crime geek in me also remembers him as Charles Manson from Helter Skelter but… but that’s probably just me.  Moving on…

My hopes for this show are dangerously high.  Beyond the amazing cast, we also have Bryan Fuller as a show runner, whom I practically worship (no pun intended).  Then you have the fact that the source material is written by Neil Gaiman, who also wrote my other favorite book (Good Omens), which thrills me beyond belief.  Then to top all of that awesome off the show is going to be on a premium cable network that has no qualms about showing material that may not be suitable for network or regular cable TV (and, well, there’s ‘that scene’ which would never be possible on anything besides a premium network).  It’s a perfect storm of awesomeness.

Those of us who attended San Diego Comic-con got a sneak peak of the trailer.  While much of the amazing cast was not yet hired for their roles at the time, it does feature some stand out moments from Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane.  I’m ridiculously excited.

Author: Angel Wilson

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