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  • Sherlock 3×01 Review: The Empty Hearse

    For two years us Sherlock fans have been waiting for our beloved characters to return. We’ve absorbed all the bits of information from the set, clung to the creators’ every word, and grown extraordinarily excited over the few seconds of footage fed to us by the BBC. Two years is a long time for hype […]

  • POLL: Who’s Your Favorite Badass in a Long Coat?

    The long coat has been a popular trope across media for many centuries.  In fact, there is a rather long entry describing it on TV Tropes.  It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a hero or a villain with a long coat fluttering dramatically behind them in the wind.  Here we’ve compiled a list of […]

  • Doctor Who Review: The Time of the Doctor

    Losing the Doctor is always an emotional experience.  This one in particular hit me hard because Matt Smith is “my” Doctor.  Almost all Whovians have one Doctor they grow particularly attached to and for me it was his 11th incarnation.  While I have been very much critical of Moffat’s writing, particularly how he writes the […]

  • Sherlock 3×00 Review: Many Happy Returns

    For two long years the Sherlock fandom has waited for new content in our short, but highly addictive, television series and now here on Christmas Eve we get a small seven minute appetizer.  The first episode of season three will air on New Years day, but today we were given the mini episode Many Happy […]

  • Martin Freeman’s Jokes: A Consistent Pattern of Offense

    TRIGGER WARNING: This article discusses rape, date rape, and other potentially triggery content. It’s always difficult when an actor you like fumbles and says something completely horrible.  It’s even harder when that actor is in so many pieces of media that you adore that you can’t exactly just cut ties with him and be done […]

  • Favorite Holiday Episode?

    Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice… The holidays are here!  What’s your favorite holiday themed episode of your favorite TV show or franchise? We have a maximum of FOUR EPISODES per show.  I know many shows have a Christmas episode every year, but we can’t choose all of them.  We selected the ones we thought would be […]

  • Supernatural Review 9×8: Rock and a Hard Place

    This week’s episode of Supernatural caused a lot of uproar in the fandom. There were many fans who enjoyed that it put Dean in some highly sexual situations, but the context around those situations were upsetting to many. The episode essentially villainized the decision to not have sex and pressured a character who’d made that […]

  • Sherlock Series 3: #r3spects and #SherlockLives

      While many Americans were getting up early to head out for Black Friday deals, those of us with drastically nerdier interests were glued to a lonely little traffic cam across the world and tracking numerous tags across social media waiting desperately for the Sherlock airdate to be announced. The #r3spects and #SherlockLives tags on […]

  • Almost Human 1×03 Review: Are You Receiving?

    This week’s episode was on par with the pilot in terms of quality. It offered up more development between our lovely protagonists and a self-contained plot that was both entertaining and suspenseful. The episode didn’t do much to serve the overall plot, however, which was disappointing. While I expect a fair number of episodes for […]

  • Supernatural 9×07 Review: Bad Boys

    This week’s episode of Supernatural not only featured throwback to Dean’s youth, but had the general feeling from earlier seasons that many fans have been longing for. This Dean-centric episode focused on a period of Dean’s life that was absent of both Sam and John’s influence. While the episode was certainly a throwback to older […]