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  • Why We Want A Bisexual Constantine

    Ever since news came out that we might not be getting a bisexual Constantine I’ve been getting into arguments with people about why it matters.  The arguments tend to be the same ones repeated over and over again and, quite frankly, it’s tiring having to repeat myself.  Since the same arguments come up over and […]

  • Love Stage!! 1×02 Review: Because I Was Able to Meet You

    While the first episode set up the premise, the second episode seems to be setting up the tone of the series. We know who are characters are, what they’re doing, and why they are in the positions that they’re in, but now we’re getting deeper glimpses at who they actually are. We’re also to the […]

  • Love Stage!! 1×01 Review: The Door to My Dreams

    While I’ve been making it my personal mission to find the best Yaoi and Shonen-ai out there, I was recommended a brand new show that just started last week. Unlike the other shows, which I’ve been binge watching over the course of a few days, this one is coming out at a maddeningly slow pace […]

  • Things Aren’t Looking So Good For Constantine’s Bisexuality

    It looks like those of us who have been waiting for a bisexual protagonist on American network TV are going to have to wait a while longer.   At the Television Critics Association press tour executive producer Daniel Cerone stated that it wasn’t a crucial part of Constantine’s character and joked that we might see it […]

  • Constantine Switching Out Female Lead: Good or Bad?

    Constantine hasn’t even premiered yet and it’s already making major changes to go in a “different direction.” The female lead Liv, played by Lucy Griffith, will be written out of the show and replaced by Zed, a sorceress who appeared in only a handful of the original comics. The new character hasn’t been cast yet […]

  • Con*Quest Adventure Journals – Keeping Track of Con Memories

    As frequent con-goers, we’re obviously huge fans of keeping track of all of our convention memories. Just look at our Conventions section for how thorough we are. While prepping to attend San Diego Comic Con this year, a woman named Shelley Harper reached out to us with her project for helping others keep track of […]

  • SDCC Offsite Events Up Their Game

      San Diego Comic Con is one of those events where even if you don’t have a badge, there’s plenty of fun to be had outside of the main convention activities.  In years past I’ve only had single day badges, but I’ve never once found myself bored or looking [in vain] for something to do. […]

  • Ravager: Female Superhero Fan Film Kickstarter

    As you know,  I have a soft spot for both fan projects and female-led films.  I stumbled across a Kickstarter project called Ravager by Richard Cassidy, which fits the bill in both categories. This particular project revolves around Rose Wilson (Ravager), the daughter of the infamous assassin Deathstroke. Rose has appeared in a number of […]